About Update Frisco

Brad Holden Brad Holden has 15 years experience of real estate experience in Frisco, Texas.


Update Frisco is the number one site for new developments and happenings in Frisco, Texas.

Update Frisco was created to help clients of The Associates and potential home buyers be aware of the progress, timing and other important information on the newest Frisco, Texas developments Richwoods, Lawler Park, Lexington, Liberty Crossing and Phillips Creek Ranch. We provide all updates in the field and often receives updates from builders representatives and the developers.

Our purpose is to provide his clients and prospective home buyers with the most up to date information on builder incentives and progress regarding the Frisco, Texas developments of Richwoods, Edgestone, Lexington, Star Trail and Phillips Creek Ranch.

“Brad’s expertise in Frisco communities and his rebate program has been recognized as the most beneficial buyers representation on both new homes and pre-owned homes due to his Total Rebate program.” – Josh, Frisco, Texas Client


And most buyers DO NOT get the best deal when going straight to the builder. They might say you are getting their bottom-line pricing, but how can you truly know? What can you compare it to? That’s where Brad helps.

He knows what the builders will and will not do during the contract in most every situation due to his experience, clients needs and timing of the purchase.

Besides, not using a realtor on a new home purchase WILL NOT save you 3% because the builder WILL NOT discount due to you having no representation.

“For new homes most clients use the extra thousands of dollars for closing costs, down payment, PMI buy-out, upgrades or a check at closing.”

It’s very simple. You either use my rebate to help you with the costs, or the builder will keep it in their pocket.


Call or text Brad direct today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on any of these new home communities or builders.

Brad Holden is a Texas Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker with The Associates

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One thought on “About Update Frisco

  1. Brad, Brad, Brad. You’ve got quite the gig going on in the Frisco area. But can you please tell me WHY all the houses built in the N. Dallas area so darn FUGLY? Boring, cookie cutter, no choice, “let’s never think outside the box EVER” monstrosities. Makes me never want to purchase a home in North Dallas ever. Why doesn’t someone build more homes that look like the amenity center at Windsong Ranch? Or like Urban Reserve in Dallas? Or how about building concrete homes, or using reusable/recycled materials, unusual design, or building homes in a more modern style? Now that would be something interesting for a change!

    Honestly, there is NO imagination in these places. They’re always the same. So traditional. So typical. So “Texas.” So “Dallas.” So DULL.

    I wish and pray that Dallas area home builders would stop being sheep! You need some fresh ideas and some fresh blood! Start thinking outside boxes and pushing envelopes. Please, for the love of Eichler, will somebody please do something to REALLY put Dallas on the architectural map?

    An unhappy but hopefull future TX homeowner

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