Cambridge Homes MONSTER Drexel Model at Prairie View almost complete.

Cambridge Homes new model called the Drexel is nearing completion at Prairie View in Frisco.

Cambridge came into Prairie View and will be building on the remaining larger lots that average around 85 foot wide! That is wide!

They definitely have gone ultra modern which is what every buyer is looking for with new trends. Beautiful entry then an enormous family room connecting to a very well designed luxury kitchen. The sliding glass doors in the back give the home a great touch as well.

Don’t let these pics fool you, this monster is going to be amazing! Plans are for it to be ready by the end of the month.

There are a couple huge oversized lots that new home buyers are looking for here in Frisco.

For more information on Cambridge Homes at Prairie View in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today and I can let you know when they open the Pre-sales in this beautiful community!

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BREAKING: Cambridge Homes entering Prairie View in Frisco!

Cambridge Homes will be building in Prairie View in Frisco on 90 foot wide lots!

David Weekley Homes and Highland Homes are in close-out there while American Legend will have the remaining 55 foot wide lots.

Cambridge Homes has been around for 25 years and currently build in two Frisco communities at The Canals at Grand Park and Arbor Cove at Chapel Creek.

Those product lines are much smaller than these 90 foot wide lots. They have build many highly customized homes Lakewood and the M-streets.

For more on Cambridge Homes at Prairie View in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.


Major Price Decreases at Prairie View in Frisco as Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes Close-out!

Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes begin Close-out at Prairie View in Frisco.

David Weekley, Highland and American Legend Homes currently build at Prairie View.

Highland has 7 Inventory homes left with 5 available lots.

Highland Homes has discounted their inventory homes from $6,000 up to $22,000!

David Weekley has 5 inventory homes and has taken $25,000 off 3 that range from complete to being ready end of August and September.

Purchasing a new home in the low $400’s in Frisco is very hard to find, but can be done today at Prairie View. And possibly UNDER $400k if you let me negotiate the opportunity and take advantage of my rebate!

American Legend has 6 inventory homes currently and will be taking the remaining Highland and David Weekley lots in the last phase.

They currently offer a $20,000 incentive for new buyers if you choose a lot and plan to build.

“For more on David Weekley Homes and Highland Homes at Prairie View in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden at (469)733-2723.”


Prairie View in Frisco Update with American Legend Homes, Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes


Prairie View Frisco

Prairie View in Frisco entrance.

 Prairie View in Frisco is a 163.5 acre new home community with current award-winning builders American Legend Homes, Highland Hones and David Weekley homes.
  Prairie View in Frisco opened around November 2015 and they are selling homes like crazy! Normally, when any community opens in the winter months the pace is extremely slow even in a good housing market.  This is NOT the case here!

  I’m pretty sure that location, amenities, affordability and luxury builders have a lot to do with the demand here. So let’s run through these for Prarie View in Frisco. 
  Prairie View is located North on Coit Road right after Panther Creek. I would say it’s around 10 minutes North of Highway 121 and maybe 7 minutes to Dallas North Tollroad.  Also, amenities such as grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants are also around 6 minutes away in a couple different directions.  
 Prairie View boasts it’s 4,500 square foot amenity center dubbed the “The Prairie House.” Along with a fantastic park and playground, The Prairie House has an outdoor fireplace, resort style pool with a tanning ledge, underwater bench and a splash pad for the little ones. 

  It’s ideal for anyone wanting to get away from the daily routine of our busy lifes.  
 Prairie View also has “pocket parks” throughout the community along with winding trails designed for jogging, biking and casual strolls. There is also acres of green belts for practices or pick up sports games! 

  The community is set up in Phase 1 (which they are currently in), and Phase 2a and 2b. Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes currently have the 55 wide lots and  American Legend Homes has the larger 65 foot wide lots.  
 All 3 builders are easily in the top 10 for builders in DFW and have been there for a while. Looking at the lot size and each builders prices based on square feet, to me the larger lots at a lower base price seems to be a better deal with American Legend Homes with what they include in their base price. 

 Also, American Legend Homes is the only builder that is “semi-custom.” What that means is they will allow some small modifications, when pretty much every builder in this price point will NOT allow modifications.  

 But overall, Highland Homes and David Weekley Homes have their advantages but they are just not leading at Prairie View in pricing.  

 In the first Phase for American Legend, they have a total of 73 lots and have sold 20 as of yesterday, so some of the prime lots are still available. Highland and David Weekley do have a couple left that would be considered oversized or premium as well looking at their available lots. 

For more on Prairie View in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. American Legend, Highland and David Weekley all build beautiful homes and my clients always have great things to say about them!

And don’t forget to ask me about how I can save you thousands at contract with price reductions, additional amenities, lot premiums, closing costs or cash back rebates that you will not receive if you don’t use a realtor. Ask the builder before you sign!