Frisco Texas Real Estate Rankings

Frisco Texas Why Rank Frisco Real Estate?

When looking for a new home in Frisco, Texas – most locals either use their friend, cousin, friends dad, aunt, co-workers step-daughter etc. (you get it!) Most out-of-towners, talk to one realtor after searching google and they are done. There is really no place that Ranks Realtors, Builders and Communities in Frisco . . . Until now!

Who gives me the authority? I do. I have been in the Frisco real estate mix since 2003 and a Broker since 2005. I have done many transactions with other Realtors, Salespeople for Builders, and Developers (both good and bad) and really think there is a need for a true, honest opinion about which realtors, builders and neighborhoods really matter.

I will update the lists periodically and I will take all comments, both good and bad into consideration if you feel that I am completely off.

So here they are for 2019

Top 5 Frisco Realtors

1. Brad Holden – Holden New Homes
2. Jeff Cheney – The Cheney Group
3. Sharon Ketko – Sharon Ketko Realty
4. Christie Cannon – Keller Williams Christie Cannon
5. Kimberly Davis – Keller Williams 

Top 10 Frisco Builders

Builders were selected based on the following factors: Frisco Locations, Experience, Quality, Online Presense, Customer Service

  1. Shaddock Homes
  2. Highland Homes
  3. Toll Brothers Homes
  4. K Hovnanian Homes
  5. MI Homes
  6. Southgate Homes
  7. Darling Homes
  8. American Legend Homes
  9. Grand Homes
  10. Landon Homes 

Top 10 Frisco Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods were selected based on the following factors: Location, Schools, Builders, Amenities, Brad’s knowledge

  1. Richwoods
  2. Lexington
  3. Phillips Creek Ranch
  4. Hunters Creek
  5. Edgestone at Legacy 
  6. Estates at Shaddock Park
  7. Chapel Creek 
  8. Park Place Estates
  9. The Grove
  10. Newman Village

Bottom 10 Frisco Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods were selected based on the following factors: Rental Properties, Vacancy Rates, Location, Non-Appeal, Foreclosures

  1. Grayhawk
  2. Creekside at Preston
  3. Kings Garden
  4. Panther Creek
  5. Eldorado Estates
  6. Plantation
  7. Frisco Hills
  8. Frisco Square
  9. Shepards Hill
  10. Pecan Trace

Feel Free to send me an e-mail at or call me directly at (469) 733-2723 if you would like to discuss my lists.

Thank you for taking a look at the FRISCO TEXAS REAL ESTATE RANKINGS!


6 thoughts on “Frisco Texas Real Estate Rankings

  1. What’s the basis for richwoods beating out the likes of Starwood which is surrounded by business and is established? Just curious. Looking at richwoods myself by the country plains view is a little boring.

  2. Hello Eli,

    It will. The location alone and obviously the amenity center blows Starwood away! Starwood is off the tollroad which is great, but access to everything Frisco and all the new development is on the East side. Both great neighborhoods, but Richwoods will sustain values in the long run.

    Best of luck!

    Brad Holden

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  4. Hi. We are looking at houses in Lexington Country and Phillips Creek Ranch. I work at Southwest Airlines, so the commute seems still to be longer for both. But what is a better option between both, east frisco vs west frisco?

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