3 Rules To Make Our Frisco Listings Stand Out And Get Sold Faster at the Highest Price

By Brad Holden – Frisco BROKER – Holden New Homes

Buyers today online on smart phones, iPads or even taking a flyer driving by don’t see any difference between your listing and the dozens of other homes for sale even in one neighborhood. I promise!

Fortunately I have tested and tried endless marketing techniques since 2003 and they have both failed miserably and outperformed my expectations. I have narrowed it down to 3 rules that i borrowed from the advertising world that can make a listing stand out and get my clients homes sold quickly at the highest price!

These rules are about branding — not the company logo but what the company stands for. Branding is really about communicating to a potential buyer who your product is for, and who it is NOT for.  Here are a few examples:

• You know that eBay stands for online auctions where you can sell your goods fast to anyone, but also have to compete with the world.  Their brand attracts people who want to sell to or buy from a global marketplace, but who don’t mind the tradeoffs that come from overseas competition or purchasing from a vendor in another state or country.

• If you were asked where most people go when they want a strong cup of coffee, there is only one answer:  Starbucks.  That’s who they are and they don’t mind that some think it’s too strong.

• You know that Neiman Marcus means “expensive” but also “quality”.

These are excellent examples of the results of effective branding, but what did I learn from these companies to sell more homes? To get a home sold you’ve got to find what’s unique about the home — why someone would buy it versus other homes on the market — and make that central benefit the “theme” of your listing promotions.

Let’s look at each of these three rules and I’ll apply them to real estate one-by-one…

The 3 Rules of Listing Promotions Every Agent Should Know

Rule #1:  Sacrifice

Branding’s bedrock principle is sacrifice. Marketing messages work best when you intentionally sacrifice the majority so that you can make a strong connection with a small group that has a burning desire for exactly what is offered. This is a proven concept from the advertising community that can be applied to real estate. I wrote an ad that sold a home in sixteen days after it had already been on the market for a year. The difference was the marketing message I used. The house had no back yard at all.  The previous agents never mentioned this in their marketing. I used the “non-yard” feature as the theme of my ad. The home sold instantly to a senior citizen who told me the lack of a yard was a benefit for her. When you try to appeal to everyone you fail to connect with the very audience who wants what you have. If a home has a small yard, say so. If a home is wildly expensive because of its unique architecture and quality, don’t feel apologetic for this — use it to get the attention of those who would appreciate it.

Rule #2:  Don’t Copy Others, Promote Your Uniqueness

Many a retailer has gotten into trouble trying to piggy-back Wal-Mart’s claim of low prices.  K-Mart went broke trying to win the “low-price” war.  Target was smarter.  They conceded (or “sacrificed”) that turf to Wal-Mart by going more upscale with their marketing, store design and merchandising.  Falling into the “me-too” trap is easy to spot in the real estate business. Here Is A Common Advertising Mistake For Agents: In most larger cities, there is one school district that is the most sought-after. Agents will routinely try to promote one of these listings by emphasizing the school district in their flyer. But why would you highlight a feature that is guaranteed to be matched by ever other seller in the region? You always want to market in a way that makes your listing stand out from the others, not blend in. For the same reason… I would be careful about using an ad, flyer or any marketing material that stresses a feature like “waterfront” or “stunning view” if there are many competing listings that offer the same thing.  Promote what is unique about your listings.  They’ll get noticed and sell faster.

Rule #3:  Substantiate Your Claim!

Al Ries once said, “Branding is nothing you do to the product.  It takes place in the mind of the consumer.” If you can get comfortable with this rule, you will do much better with your marketing. Consider the example of a local car dealer hawking the idea that he has the lowest prices — you likely hear this message all the time in your own market, but I doubt you give it much credibility. For starters, it is a claim used by too many car dealers to be believable.  Second, do they really offer any proof?  Not usually, so messages like this are not typically very helpful.

Branding is not just something you do for a corporation.  You should absolutely “brand” each listing you take on.  For example, don’t just say your listing was architect-designed.  Explain, in detail, what the consumer will notice about the house when they come to see it.

Here Is The Perfect Example… I once took on a waterfront home that was designed by an architect who specializes in lake houses.  When I asked him why he designed the house the way he did, he started describing one interesting aspect after another. When I interviewed him about his home, he walked me around to the back side of the house—the waterfront side. He pointed out that instead of a flat wall across the back, he visually re-created the same appearance that you’d get from the streetside view—there was a deep porch with impressive columns, high-pitched roof over the “back” door, shutters on the windows, etc. In other words, he made the house look just as nice from the back as it did from the front.  He said, “A waterfront house should look just as inviting to guests you bring in by boat as it does for those who pull up in the driveway by car.” Re-telling this in my ad helped substantiate the high price.  Potential buyers were able to visualize this unique benefit since I used descriptive “picture words” and compelling photographs. Other agents turned this seller down because of her desired price. My ad pulled two full price contracts in less than thirty days.

In Summary

These are the rules of my branding:


2.Promote uniqueness.

3.Substantiate your claims.

Our primary theme for listing promotions must involve sacrificing the majority — not selling to anyone and everyone but focusing on the people most likely to buy the home. Say what makes the home unique and you will attract that right buyer. But also be careful to not get caught up in copying others. Say what makes your listing special and write a story with passion and detail that proves it!

We make our listings stand out and attract qualified prospects who are ready to sign If you, or someone you know wants to sell a house, please give Brad a text or call at (469) 733-2723.

We negotiate on the new and gorilla market OUR LISTINGS for our clients and do it well. Call or text us today on how Holden New Homes to hear how you will save thousands of dollars and headaches through the sell /buy process.



Introducing Estates at Shaddock Park in Frisco

Many homes from Shaddock Homes will be complete by June!

The Estates at Shaddock Park will be a total of 450 lots. Lot sizes range from 55 wide across, 65 wide and 74 wide.

They are in the infant stages from their grand opening and there are a lot of good opportunities for new home buyers.

The builders are Shaddock Homes, Lennar Homes, Darling Homes and Normandy Homes. All top tier but a couple are set up to get a better deal with. Call me to discuss.

I like that the Estates at Shaddock Park have the new and improved playground and will have an amenity center and pool towards the end of the green belt starting construction in the next couple months.

Shaddock Homes model is one of the best. It’s really hard for me to find a problem with it because it flows and uses space so well.

Also, most of the time the developer gives its own builder better lots, so go out and take a look.

For more on builders at the Estates of Shaddock Park and making sure you get the best bottom line price, call or text Brad Holden at (469)733-2723.


Introducing The Grove, Newest Luxury Community in Frisco

Just when Richwoods and Phillips Creek Ranch are selling out, The Grove in Frisco is the hottest new Luxury Community!

The Grove in Frisco considers itself as a “Modern Village.” Sitting on 735 acres of prime Frisco real estate between Main and Custer Road, The first phase of The Grove will consist of lot sizes of 65 foot wide and 74 foot wide.

Builders in this section currently are Highland Homes, Southgate Homes American Legend Homes and Drees Homes. Plans will range from around 2,800 square feet to 4,500 square feet.

The developer has more than 25 acres of amenities that currently include: a dog park, event lawn Ana pavilion 8-acre city Frisco park in the heart of the community, clubhouse with bakery and cafe water oasis with 2 resort style pools and children’s splash pad with shade structures and grilling stations.

The grand opening incentives vary per builder but I will tell you that this pricing will not last! There has only been around 4-5 lots sold in total so now is when to get into a new community!

Highland Homes model is almost complete and WOW, this one is amazing!

The current upgrades included such as pulls on kitchen cabinets and pendant lights are NEVER included when purchasing a new home in Frisco!

“If you are looking for a new Home community in Frisco, The Grove will be a top notch luxury development with an unbelievable location!” Call or text Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723 for more info on my $10,000 rebate ON TOP of what I can get negotiated for you!


Shaddock Home STEAL ready for Immediate Move-In

There is a beautiful Shaddock Home ready for a new buyer TODAY! I do not know if it’s back on the market or an inventory home, but at this price with what is included, there is no reason why it should be available through the weekend. Take a look at these pics:

It’s a 4 bedroom with 3.5 baths at 3,372 square feet. Smaller back yard and offered at $499,000.

Here’s the deal. Not only will I be able to negotiate it down to Shaddocks bottom line price, but for this weekend I will also give my clients an additional $10,000 to use for additional upgrades, buying down rates or cash back at closing!

Call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 to discuss this gorgeous Shaddock Home ready for Immediate move in!


Britton Homes at Light Farms has 4 Inventory Homes ready for Immediate Move in!

Britton Homes at Light Farms has 4 Inventory homes for immediate move in!

Britton Homes

Britton Homes surged into the market and have been selling very well with their design and look. My opinion is they are pretty close to a Darling/Highland home.

Opportunities like this are rare but happen so the builders will be ready for the summer sales. The picture above is what I get paid, but for these 4 homes I’m willing to pass my clients $15,000 ADDITIONAL monies for more upgrades, closing costs or a rebate at closing!

Call or text Me today so I can explain how to get the best price at negotiations and have the smoothest building and closing process ever! Also, about timing to sell your current home if you have one to sell.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Grand Home Inventory Homes Available Now and I can get you over $50,000 more!

Grand Homes has made a very nice comeback from the bad business practices from years past, and now their homes are being built almost better than some smaller custom builders.

Grand Homes has 5 inventory homes ready ASAP for buyers to get some absolutely amazing deals! And I’m not to shabby places like Allen, McKinney, Fort Worth, Savannah and even Frisco.

This right here is my strong suit. I am very good at getting these inventory homes at the lowest dollars with my relationships with sales managers and knowing most profit margins depending on who the developer is, lot size and quality level of the specific product.

If you are looking at these or any new Home to buy, call or text me today at (469) 733-2723 so I can explain the do’s and don’t s with the builders and to help you maximize my knowledge and rebate so you will move in your new home with most likely instant equity!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Wow! Megatel Homes at Mercer Crossing plans to have Kevin O’Leary from the Shark Tank for Grand Opening!

Kevin O’LearyKevin O’Leary is my favorite Shark on Shark Tank and Megatel Homes is not messing around bringing a big celebrity to the grand opening of the highly anticipated Mercer Crossing.

Located in Farmers Brach, Mercer Ranch has some high end builders and unique community amenities that might put Mercer Crossing as the hottest development in DFW for 2018.

This community is inspired by the historic architecture of 17th century England but still innately Texas. By taking Tudor architecture and weaving it with contemporary Texas-style elements, Mercer Crossing will be a community unlike any other in the Dallas area. It will be a community unlike any other in the entire southwest.

Mercer Crossing Site Plan

Part of the community is intended for urban commerce with shops, restaurants, coffee bars, studios, and offices for small to large businesses. The rest will be 6 distinct residential neighborhoods with parks, trails, and open space designed to replicate the English countryside.

• Amesbury

• Ashington

• Brighton

• Coventry

• Verwood

• Windermere

By the time this new development is finished, when homeowners are asked where they live, they won’t refer to their new home as Dallas, they’ll refer to it as Mercer Crossing.

Builders to include the following:

Beazer Homes – Megatel Homes – First Texas Homes – Oakdale Homes – Siena Homes – M/I Homes

Each builder has a great design and product for which section they are slated to begin construction in.

For More on how I can help you save a tremendous amount of money on negotiations with the builder on lot cost, additional upgrades, price reduction, mortgage incentives, buy down rates, rebates, please call or text me today at (469)733-2723. The Grand Opening is the only time to not only create instant equity, but cherry pick the best lots in Mercer Crossing. Call or text today!