John R Landon Homes at Lexington in Frisco are Selling Strong.

John R Landon Homes at Lexington in Frisco have started sales. Since only December 27th 2016, they have sold a total of 41 homes out of 73 lots in only Phase One! 

Out of the lots not sold, 27 are spec homes which will be ready a lot sooner than a build job. This section of lots are standard at 70 foot wide by 100 foot deep. 

John R Homes at Lexington have a very smart concept by including most upgrades and giving very good prices looking at other builders in Frisco. Homes range today from 3,350 up to 3,958 square feet. 

The gates are up and the community is really looking great! Even the stone walls will give Lexington a very disctict look! 

As pretty much every builder does in this hot market, prices will increased for John R Landon homes in the Lexington Country section $10,000 on February 1st, 2017. 

Prices are starting on the specs ready in July-August at $534,990. 

Text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information on John R Landon homes at Lexington in Frisco! And don’t forget to ask about the additional $10,000 off a new home! 

Lexington in Frisco Amenity Center Plans

Lexington in Frisco has submitted its plans for the Amenity Center. 

It looks very similar to Richwoods but not on as large of a scale. The building square footage is around 7,823. The pool will consist of 8 cabanas total in sets of 4 and a small kiddie pool with some slight covering. 

The pool almost has an identical shape of Richwoods but not as large. There are also plans of an outdoor shower with multiple covered patios and lots and lots of landscaping. 

Things are moving right along with the development and each builder has a different time schedule for pre sales, so that part is very up in the air until the development gets closer to being complete.  

Builders for Lexington plan to be Shaddock Homes, Toll Brothers Homes, John R. Landon Homes and K Hovnanian Homes (KHOV). 

For more on Lexington in Frisco or to be made aware when the VIP pre sales begin, text of call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. 


Lexington in Frisco UPDATE regarding K Hovnanian Homes, Landon Homes, Toll Brothers Homes, Shaddock Homes and John R Landon Homes

Lexington in Frisco, the newest Gated community in Frisco, is well underway. Streets are graded, a portion of retaining walls are up and there is constant activity on the community so they look right on schedule. This will be a new Richwoods!

Plans are different for each builder, but I expect the first sales trailers to drop July or August from the development stage. 

Lexington is going to be an amazing Gated community with some of the top builders like K Hovnanian Homes, Landon Homes, Toll Brothers Homes, Shaddock Homes and John R. Landon homes.

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ANNOUNCING Lexington in Frisco – A New Gated Community with Shaddock Homes, K Hovnanian Homes (KHOV), Toll Brothers Homes and Landon Signature Series Homes

 Lexington will be developed by Landon Development, the powerhouse developer behind Richwoods in Frisco off Of Independence. Landon acquired the approximate 173 acres earlier this year and have already submitted preliminary plats for Lexington with the city of Frisco. 


At the City of Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting on April 28th, 2015, the preliminary plat was being discussed concerning Phases 1-6. Commission members Bobby Roberts (Vice Chairperson) and Kevin Hodes (Commissioner) both voiced their concern on the majority North and South facing lots. 

They were disappointed wanting more appeal with “curvy” streets. But the developer had a very valid statement on a letter submitted earlier to the city regarding the direction by stating “major factor of North/South lot orientation with today’s energy conscientious consumer,” which is very true!

In that letter the developer states, “The current plan will offer 1.8 acres in open space and parks, including a highly amenitized club house with a wellness center and swimming pool, similar to Richwoods!”

Now that is awesome!


Lexington will be Gated with 3 gates, and initially start out with a total of 8 Phases and 634 lots. Landon Development did purchase another approximate 134 acres from Brinkmann in July of 2015 that most likely will be additional phases to Lexington. This new tract of land is located South of the current phases and continues down to Main Street. 

The developer has been in touch with FISD regarding a school site on the property and the location will be at the North East corner of Lexington. 

The surrounding land around Lexington on Coit Road and Eldorado Parkway, has been retained by Brinkmann for the current zoning of light retail. This is vital considering the amount of new homes being built in and around Lexington. Commercial normally comes after residential development. 

Phases and Lots in Lexington


Centrally located, Phases 1-6 will consist of 502 lots and broken into three different standard lot sizes. 140 lots will be in the 65 foot wide by 115 foot deep. 208 lots will be 70 foot wide by 100 foot deep. 154 lots will be 74 foot wide by 120 foot deep. There will always be irregular shaped lots in any community which will not fall within those dimensions. 

Phases 7 & 8 will be North of the first 6 phases and will consist of 132 lots split into 2 different standard lot sizes. 

They will continue with 77 lots that are standard 74 foot wide by 120 foot deep. The other 55 lots will be considered the luxury home lots at a standard 90 foot wide by 130 foot deep. 

Lexington Builders


I couldn’t be happier with the builders that Landon Development has selected! All 4 builders are very well known and deliver absolutely stunning new homes. 

My best guess is as follows on which builders will be building in which section of lots. 

K Hovnanian Homes and Landon Homes will be in the 65’s. Landon Signature will be in the 70’s, 74’s and 90’s. Shaddock Homes will be in the 70’s or 74’s. And Toll Brothers will definitely be in the 90’s and possibly 74’s. 

Again, that’s MY guess! 

I think that the builders in Lexington will have an overall higher quality of luxury by including one of the Top builders in DFW, Shaddock Homes, comparing builders in Richwoods. 


Landon plans to offer an “empty nester” product that I think will be very successful and is needed in Frisco! 

The goal to start pre sale will be in the middle of 2016, but you never know in residential development. 

What we do know is that Lexington has a lot of many positive attributes going for it (from location, builders, amenities, lot sizes and being gated) and will be one of the most highly sought after communities in Frisco

“For updates on Lexington check back here or text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723. I plan to stay in touch with all the builders and provide you as much information as they give to me.”

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Toll Brothers at West Park in Plano selling Phase 2!

I always have buyers ask me about Plano and my answer is always the same for new homes. Either Avignon, which is basically sold out and at a very high price point, or this jewel of a community in an incredible location! 

West Park is the first development on Haggard Farm. The Haggards have been in Plano forever and they are slowly selling their land for development like Brinkmann Ranch recently did in Frisco. 

Phase 2 at West Park consists of 61 lots with Toll Brothers having 29 and John R Landon homes having the other 32. 

Back to the location. It is literally 5 minutes from George Bush so it is ideal for anyone needing to have easy access to both the North Dallas Tollroad or US 75!

They have added a beautiful playground for the kids and have extra open space there which you never see at other playgrounds for kids. 

The Toll Brothers model home for the Villas is outstanding! Look at that WOW factor when you step into the house. Toll does a great job of showing true luxury throughout the home with their attention to every detail. See below. 

For more info on the Toll Brothers Villas or the Estate lots at West Park in Plano, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Baxter Brinkmann of Brinkmann Ranch in Frisco FINALLY sells his first tract of land to Landon Development!


It’s confirmed, Baxter Brinkmann of Frisco, who owns over 5,500 acres in Collin County has FINALLY sold his first tract of land to Landon Development at the corner of Eldorado and Coit!


The land is 182.4479 Acres and has been assessed at $20,705,637 by Collin County as its value in 2014. The purchase price for the land is undisclosed, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than that!

Landon Development began their first development in 2012 with RICHWOODS in Frisco off of Independence and Rolater. They really knocked it out of the Park with Richwoods considering it was the #1 selling development in the nation last year!!!


RICHWOODS in Frisco is a 500 Acre development that was originally planned for 1,600 homes. That number will rise to around 1,700 homes or more because of a smaller product that was introduced after the development started.


Now back to Brinkmann Ranch. This piece of land has a lot of history, but most notably, as the site where the first 5 episodes of the famous show “Dallas” were filmed in 1978, until the original house burned down.

Baxter Brinkmann is the CEO of the Brinkmann Corporation, maker of Outdoor Grills, flashlights, many other consumer and industrial products, and the owner of Brinkmann Ranch. The Brinkmann Corporation brings in well over $125 million in annual sales.


On the new land, plans are for the 182.4479 acres to be a GATED COMMUNITY! This will be the 2nd gated community for Landon Development in Frisco.


On the preliminary plat, plans are for 704 homes and two entrances. One entrance off of Coit and the other off of Eldorado. Sales should begin at the beginning of 2016 or possibly a little later.


Thank you Baxter Brinkmann for finally allowing the exceptional growth of Frisco to continue with a great location and great visionaries in Landon Development. I’m sure they will make another outstanding development here in Frisco.


For more info regarding this new community or any other update on a new home in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

John R. Landon Signature Stucco Model opens at Richwoods in Frisco!


John R. Landon Homes at in Frisco has added a beautiful Stucco home to their lineup at Richwoods.


The plan is new and is called the 745. Take a look!











For more on John R. Landon homes at Richwoods in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.


They do have some pretty good lots left in this phase as you can see above!

And don’t forget to ask Brad about how he can make sure you do not leave money on the table AND buyer rebate for a John R Landon Home!

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