KHOV in Richwoods Model nearing Completion in Frisco

It always amazes me when these builders erect these models so fast!

KHOV began their model Mid April here at Richwoods, and should have it complete in a couple weeks! That’s close to 45 days! Huh!

But now I get it after being exposed to this model almost every other day. At one point when we were in the Landon model writing a contract, we stopped, pulled up the blinds, and counted 28 workers!!! 28!

The one thing that got me was the gentleman 25 feet high standing on a 2 by 4 and just working away! (see pic below) Don’t sign me up!!!

So if you are thinking about KHOV in Richwoods as your builder, the time is now. In 6 months these prices will be at a minimum $25,000 higher.

Call me today at (469) 733-2723 to discuss the Richwoods Rebate Program if you are looking to buy!


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