Toll Brothers in Richwoods to begin Models on Model Row

Toll Brothers will be the last of the 4 builders in Richwoods Frisco to begin their models, but they definitely do not rank there when I discuss quality, price, standards etc., will buyers on a daily basis.

Toll Brothers is a very unique builder. They serve the Luxury Buyers very well but are not 100% custom. They have so many different ways to build each plan that they are almost in the custom home business with a price comparable to a normal custom.

For example:

In Richwoods, you have 2 production builders, 1 custom builder and one that is a combo . . . Toll. They can get specific quality materials at a much lower price than others only because they can negotiate easier considering the amount that they need.

This allows Toll Brothers in Frisco to be able make a bigger margins than others because the numbers they are looking for are easily obtained.

Toll Brothers knows that their products sell and are okay with selling 2 to 3 to 5 homes a month because it has worked for this long and will continue to work. And they are okay with that because their margins are higher.

What’s my point? It’s simple.

When you buy a Toll, the plan is to retire there. Plain and simple. And who wouldn’t want to do that?!?


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