Newcastle Homes starts Sales at Richwoods

Newcastle Homes has now moved into a trailer at Richwoods to continue sales.

As of today, Newcastle Homes has contracted 3 of their 10 lots and have made the move to be insure before their model is complete to capture traffic.

Since the roads have opened up in Richwoods, even before Landon Homes opened their two models, I have yet to be in the community without another car. Most of the time, I enter the Landon Model Homes and there is a minimum of 8 cars outside each model!

The Newcastle guys have said that the traffic has picked up significantly and they are getting specific pricing on items for 4 other buyers.

I did find out probably one of the most exciting things about Richwoods from the Newcastle guys, but I can’t release that today.

For more info on Richwoods in Frisco, visit the link above and get set up for updates when Richwoods or the builders have new information.

Or feel free to call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.






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