Phillips Creek Ranch uses TBG for the Design

Phillips Creek Ranch TBG is working with Republic Property Group who is the developer of Phillips Creek Ranch.

TBG has developed a land plan for the PCR development that will help to preserve its natural topography, creeks and lakes. TBG said that a great emphasis was placed on creating a continuous and expansive trail system connecting neighborhoods with schools, adjacent communities, an eight-acre city park, urban living and preserved lakes.

This is an idea that makes sense and most developers fail because they forget some main components to make this work. But since TBG has had close to 2 years to evaluate and create a plan, I’m sure Phillips Creek Ranch has a great chance of making it all work.

Along with integrating parks and trails into the preserved open spaces, TBG will also design the entries to highlight the area’s equestrian heritage. That’s where the bronze statues of horses will most likely come into play.

The design of Phillips Creek Ranch also includes the multimillion dollar amenity center, a lake with a canoe launch, swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Now tell me another community in Frisco that has a canoe launch?

For more info in Phillips Creek Ranch click the link or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

Phillips Creek Ranch

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