Lawler Park Hike and Bike Trail to connect to city park

Lawler Park Trail

Imagine walking to a multi-million dollar park area?!?!?!

When you think of a new home community in DFW, you think of a huge piece of land that has identical sized lots on straight streets with only new developer brought in trees. But not at Lawler Park.

My #1 reason that Lawler Park in Frisco has plans of being not your ordinary new home community is the plans for the hike and bike trail.

The community only sits around 200 yards south of the city of Friscos Bacchus Park. It’s not the park, but it’s the way you can access it . . . By walking!!!

Normally, you have to pack the family, kids, soccer balls and anything else when you are headed to the park. But now you can throw it all on a bike or wagon and have a peaceful walk to the parks and playgrounds.

For more info on Lawler Park in Frisco or the builders Darling Homes or Highland Homes click the link or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

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