Pull Out Spice Racks . . . A Must!!!


This may sound crazy . . . But every client that I have had purchase in Richwoods in Frisco, has placed the pull out spice racks as a “NEED”, not just a want.

“Having 100% of my buyers choose the pull out spice racks shows that for re-sell it might be as important as a master down in Texas.”

I will tell you this, the first time I saw the spice racks pull out from the wood hood, I was in awe!


I think my #1 question is, “Why did it take so long for these to come out?” it makes perfect sense! When you are cooking, why walk to a pantry, search on a counter, open a cabinet or even go to the dining room table? Why not just raise your arm and pull out the spice rack?!?

Genius, and so simple!!!

It’s funny how little things like spice racks weren’t invented in the 1900’s.

In Richwoods, both Landon Homes and KHOV both have the pull out Spice Racks in their models.

And if Toll Brothers and Newcastle include them in their models, I am soooooo right!

For more info on Builders in Richwoods Frisco click here or call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.

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