Landon Homes in Richwoods Country offers brilliant Wood Inlay


In the John R. Landon Signature Series, the model will include wood inlay in the Kitchen in their model.

This by far is one of the most impressive features that is rare in any home. I actually, have this in my dining room in my house currently, and it is probably the most talked about feature from most guests.

What is it about it? Who knows. But it is definitely worth it for a “WOW” feature.

“Maybe that the feature is so uncommon or that the cost is too high, but you would be surprised how affordable it really is!”

In my house we have marble squares in between. But if you price out the wood and tile, it most likely would be a very affordable option.


The model is almost completely bricked and stoned outside and is looking great! The home is sheetrocked and is a great Floorplan of the 865.

If you would like for me to get you pricing on the wood inlay in any Richwoods Home in Frisco, give me a call at (469) 733-2723 and I can get it priced out for you.

Below are a couple pictures I took of a finished wood inlay of our dining room. And yes, we use our dining room as a play room! (embarrassing!)



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