The Crossing at Lawler Park in Frisco’s Advantage


The Crossing at Lawler Park in Frisco will be one of the most sought after communities around taking into consideration the location and builders.

Both Darling Homes and Highland Homes are like a brother sister team. Wherever one goes, the other is glad to tag along.

The reason why this is the #1 advantage for the community is both builders mix VERY WELL!

Take a drive out to Star Creek in Allen and you will see what I mean. It would be very difficult for a first timer to tell the builders apart!


You will notice a lot of stone and architectural elevations that create a good feeling cruising through their communities.

The Crossing at Lawler Parks #1 advantage is the uniqueness of the layout. In The Arbors, it’s simple. It’s a big rectangle with a couple of straight line roads through the middle. That’s all.

Whereas in The Crossing, you have many winding roads, culdesacs and an overall feel of rolling hills throughout each lot and block.


And since The Crossing has larger lots you will also notice the more unique out door features like the stamped concrete leads walks below.


So whether it is a larger yard, more dynamic layout or just a larger or more upgraded bathroom, The Crossing at Lawler Park in Frisco with Darling and Highland Homes, you just can’t go wrong!


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