Toll Brothers Model in Richwoods Country Underway


Even with a couple boards up, the excitement for seeing something for Toll Brothers in Richwoods will make a big difference.

It is very difficult for people to envision a plan on paper before they can walk through and this will help ease buyers concerns.

As of today, Toll Brothers has sold a total of 7 homes and are doing a great job only selling off paper but once the model is complete, things will pick up big time.

I know this because of the other Richwoods models greatly helped people actually “see” what they were buying and made the move.

So time will tell but mark my words, when the model is complete, Toll Brothers will see a tremendous pick up in sales.

For more info please visit Toll Brothers in Richwoods.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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