Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys to buy Toni & Guys Mansion in Dallas?

Front of the Mansion

It is one of the most amazing properties that I have ever seen in pictures!

Tony romo and Candice Crawford

Are Tony and Candice about to buy a home from a Toni?

Well its been an incredible year for one of my favorite athletes Tony Romo this past year. Getting married then having his new baby boy . . . so whats next on his agenda huh? Yep, moving closer to Frisco!

Currently he lives in Irving in what most people call a “Bachelor Pad”, but sources have told me that this past weekend Tony, Candice and baby took a trip right around the corner from where I grew up in North Dallas to one of the most sought after neighborhoods, (rarely even known by the public) called North Forty. I’m sure you will be google mapping the street if you are reading this, and no, the first house off of Frankford is not it! That belongs to Mr. David Weinreb, CEO of The Howard Hughes Company (Another one of my favorite people, Howard Hughes) that develops, acquires and creates some spectacular properties on a very large-scale.

But in comparison, the home that Tony looked at is currently owned by the youngest of the 3 Toni & Guys, Anthony Mascolo or the widow of Toni (Who knows?!?!). They picked the home up on a short sale in 2003 when it had only 5,749 square feet and I am guessing did a total remodel because on the tax rolls it is close to 15,000 square feet!

It was Officially the Most Expensive Super Bowl Rental in Dallas that included a Private Jet, Ferrari, and Super Bowl Tickets! It’s main highlights are a media room, exercise room, spa room, sauna, game room with full size bar, outdoor lounge with pizza oven, swimming pool, 4 manicured acres, sports field and an elevator.

It is one of those unique properties that sits on close to 3 acres, totally secluded and still right in the middle of the city and close to the tollroad.

Candice talked about making all kinds of changes, but Tonys favorite part was the enormous Closet!

If you buy it Tony, all I ask is you get us in the playoffs this year and WIN it all!

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