K Hovnanian (KHOV) in Richwoods in Frisco waives lot premiums on Inventory Homes!


K Hovnanian in Richwoods has decided to waive their lot premiums on all remaining lots! This comes as they plan to spec out all of the remaining lots with their best selling floor plans!


It’s a very exciting time for KHOV knowing that they need the majority of their homes to close before their end of the year in October. Spec-ing out the homes will most likely help them achieve their goal.


Here’s the best part for the buyers. If you catch these homes early enough, you get the spec price, get to choose flooring, fixtures, paint etc. and still get their incentives for a new home! That is $15,000 for upgrades and $4,000 for using their preferred lender as well!


Kim Stewart the sales manager has a passion showing that KHOV builds a superior product than the competition. She talks about the second story flooring system, the HERS rating that shows how each home ranks when it comes to energy efficiency and even the way that they CAN make changes to the plan to accommodate each buyers needs.


K Hovnanian is a no brainer for the buyer that wants everything included that matters, that’s for sure!


For more info on KHOV or their lots call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. And don’t forget to ask about my 4% Total Rebate for my clients that choose a K Hovnanian home.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

One thought on “K Hovnanian (KHOV) in Richwoods in Frisco waives lot premiums on Inventory Homes!

  1. I visited with Kim a few days ago about a spec KHOV home in Richwoods and I’m interested in learning about the amount of rebate for approx. $485,000. home. Maybe you could help me with a few of the remaining details (upgrades). I wanted a home with two masters, but Kim showed me how we could re-arrange the plan a bit to accommodate my needs as this home has not yet been started..

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