Richwoods in Frisco Pool Review


This weekend, we ventured down to the pool at Richwoods both Saturday and Sunday and I will report that it is definitely is the best and Biggest community pool on North Texas!

The close to 8,000 square feet of Water is almost overwhelming when walking through the gate. A key fob is required when entering and you can enter in two different locations. There are 4 arbors scattered through the grounds for shade.

The kids area is fantastic with an entry at 6 inches and goes up to around 2.5 feet with fours small water fountain features.


There is an awesome slide that is very deceiving, because it is FAST!!! A basketball goal is permanently cemented into the ground and there are poles for a volleyball net.

But what is just incredible is the size. It looks big when you first see it, but when you are in it WOW! It takes forever to get from one side to the other. A pool this big should be able to handle the number of homes in Richwoods.

And here is my small guy both days in the pool. My oldest was too excited to pose!



For more info on Richwoods or the builders and available lots call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723 today.

And ask me about my 4% Total Rebate program for clients that purchase in Richwoods.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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