Why Stone Edging Matters.


I am a big stone edging advocate. I can’t stand when the grass comes through the mulch in the flower beds!

On a house that I owned before this one in Richwoods, I had stone edging done and it looked good. But one day I noticed that there was grass in the mulch and needless to say, I was frustrated.


Well as I was shopping contractors I found a no-nonsense stone guy that has been doing stone on new homes for over 12 years.


I asked him if there was anyway to block the grass growing under the stone wall and in the beds and he looked befuddled.


He told me that it CAN’T grow into the flower beds. And I was both skeptical and excited.

What he does differently is he digs 4 to five inches down and uses rebar in the trough and then levels it and adds concrete. That is all that happens on the first day.


The second day is when they start adding stone and mortar after the base concrete dries.


It made sense to me, so lets just see if the grass doesn’t sneak it’s way through!


And for resale, it will get you back every penny! Well worth the investment!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

One thought on “Why Stone Edging Matters.

  1. The stone edging looks nice. Do you mind telling me how much you spent on it? Can you tell me who your contractor is for the stone edging?

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