10 MODEL HOMES by Standard Pacific Homes in Phillips Creek Ranch in Frisco


The number one problem for new home buyers is to actually “see” the home or floor plan that they are considering. And now at Phillips Creek Ranch this can most likely be done.

Standard Pacific Homes has 10 models you can walk through today!


Standard Pacific is building in three sections of Phillips Creek Ranch; Waterton, Weston and Riverton. They have 5 models in the 55 foot wide and 65 foot wide lots in Waterton. And another 5 models in the 75 foot wide up to 90 foot wide lots in Weston and Riverton.


Development on Frisco’s largest master-planned community, Phillips Creek Ranch, has progressed relatively slowly over the past couple of years, but that is quickly changing.

No other Texas builder has 10 model homes in a single community that I know of!

This is a home shopper’s heaven with 10 great models. Each model has different designs, different space, and that’s what matters.

Add in the 71 spec homes they have ordered for the community at different stages and buyers will really have a good chance of walking different floorplans before they contract.


Standard Pacific plans to build a total of 900 homes in the community, representing about a third of the planned build-out for the development.

They offer homes ranging in size from about 2,000 to 5,500 square feet; prices will range from about $320,000 to $600,000.

Standard Pacifics style is different from other builders. Each kitchen is designed to feature open space where a large group of people can gather, and island countertops integrate the kitchen with a place to congregate. Some houses connect the backyard with the kitchen area as well — one of the models features accordion-style doors that open to an outdoor area connected to the house, complete with closable shading on the patio as well as an outdoor fireplace.

Standard Pacific created 45 new floor plans for the community!


The water feature above is unique and plans to have tables for gatherings and picnics.

Additionally, the company plans to build a $2 million amenities center for community residents (see below).


Other unique features include small parks throughout Phillips Creek, landscaping that will make use of water features and roundabouts that were created with the city’s input to benefit traffic flow.

Standard Pacific corporate believe that this is one of the best areas for homeowners not just in the Dallas area, but in the entire nation! I agree.

Considering the great access to the Dallas North Tollway, and there are great local sports options with the ballpark and soccer stadium. Phillips Creek is a great family environment with great schools — it’s where families want to be. When you look at all those intangibles, Frisco’s the place to be.

The development took longer than originally anticipated, but it was almost a blessing. Phillips Creek Ranch’s original developer, Crosswinds Communities, abandoned the property and the current developer Republic Property Group purchased it out of foreclosure in 2008.

No one wanted to make a mistake. The development plan is very unique, and that was their intent. They didn’t want any cookie-cutter plans.

And out of my 10 years of experience I had never seen a community mix all the price points in each section, and in Phillips Creek Ranch it just works.


If you are looking in Frisco, definitely consider Phillips Creek Ranch. Call or text Brad Holden for more info on the community or Standard Pacific Homes today.


“And don’t forget to ask Brad about his 4% Total Rebate for any of the builders in Phillips Creek Ranch!”

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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