Richwoods HOA and Pool Rules in Frisco


The Richwoods HOA has put in place many rules for the Pool and Amenity Center for the residents.

The purpose of an HOA is to provide continuity to the neighborhood by maintaining the common areas and preserving the architecture which protects property values. The Richwoods HOA will conduct regular inspections throughout Richwoods for the purpose of identifying and enforcing violations.


The HOA dues for Richwoods (currently $1,080 a year), like any other HOA, are assessed to each owner to provide for the daily operating expenses including maintenance and repairs of common elements such as the amenity center, pool and landscaping. It also includes the utilities, insurance, professional and contracting services, legal and tax services, and the cost of processing and sending owner correspondence.


The Richwoods HOA will hold an annual meeting with homeowners, during which the business of the community is reviewed. A typical agenda for these meetings most likely will include financial overviews, elections which are provided by the by-laws and any other items of news or concern regarding Richwoods.

The Richwoods HOA is located in the Amenity Center if you are to have any specific questions.


Here are the “TOP TEN” questions (and answers) that have come up since the opening of the Richwoods Amenity Center and Pool are the following:

1. When will the gates be operational and how will they work?

The gates are scheduled to be operational in August of 2013. Each resident will be given devices that will be programmed for their access.

2. Why is the Amenity Center closed for one day a week?

The Richwoods Amenity Center is a large facility. The pool alone is much larger than most clubs and many municipal pools. It is common practice for clubs of this character to close for one day a week for cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

3. Why are there so many lifeguards at the pool?

The Richwoods HOA follows the requirements and recommendations of the State of Texas, City of Frisco and the American Red Cross. The number of lifeguards will vary depending on how many swimmers are in the pool. Each lifeguard receives short breaks and will most likely be seen around the pool even if they are taking a break.


4. How did the slide and pool rules originate?

The Richwoods HOA followed requirements and recommendations from the State of Texas, City of Frisco and the American Red Cross. They also took into consideration the aquatic engineer who designed the pool as well as the engineers and manufacturers of the pool equipment. The engineering firm has previously designed other commercial pools for municipalities, water parks and resorts all over the world and have a wealth of experience doing so.

5. Why a 48″ height for slide riders? Why pass a swim test if you are not 48″?

The Richwoods HOA requirements are based on the combined design of the slide and pool, and the recommendations of experts in the field of aquatic environments and structures. Safety factors such as the depth of water and where the slide meets the pool and the physics of the actual “sliding” are considered. Other venues may have different rules regarding slides depending on different slide designs and the difference between pools, pods or chutes where the slide meets the pool.

6. Why is no alcohol allowed in the pool?

Richwoods is a family-focused community and the HOAs goal is to provide a comfortable pool experience for all of Richwoods families. Research has showed that alcohol consumption significantly increases the likelihood of immersions resulting in drowning during aquatic activities.

7. What is the purpose of breaks to get kids out of the pool on regular intervals?

Fecal contamination is an ongoing concern for public pools. Experience from other large pools show that having the “safety breaks” significantly decreases the occurrence of such contamination. If fecal contamination occurs, the pool will shut down for 24 hours or possibly longer depending on the size of the area.

8. The trellises do not provide enough shade, how can residents escape the sun?

The HOA states that no permanent structure with open sides will shade against late afternoon rays. But the patio tables and umbrellas are available at all times as well as the covered porch.

9. What is the guest policy for the pool?

Each family may bring up to 4 guests daily with no notice or use fees. Small parties of up to 20 guests and doing normal pool hours, can be scheduled with the HOA for a nominal fee.

10. Why is the fitness center only for adults?

The Richwoods Fitness Center is equipped with commercial grade equipment, all designed for use by adults who understand its specific purpose and function. Young adults 16 years and older may use the facility unsupervised at their own risk and teens age 13-15 years may used the facility with adult supervision. Young children can easily be injured by moving parts and heavy equipment and adults who are serious about working out prefer a gym environment.


The Richwoods HOA and Management office have been very good answering all questions and concerns and has a goal to make Richwoods the best community it can be!


For more info on builders in Richwoods text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

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Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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