American Legend increases prices $4,000 in every community in DFW


This is almost becoming a standard in DFW with residential home builders.

I was told the increase is in response to the higher cost of supplies, labor, land and demand. It does make sense to an extent but my clients that purchased an American Legend home at The Arbors of Willow Bay in Frisco in February have seen the base price go up $30,000 before this increase!


Granted, the market will allow for increases right now, but the low interest rates and 1 month supply of homes will go away and prices will stabilize. I do believe though that in Frisco prices will continue to increase until the end of 2014.


There is just too much demand and with the new 8 communities that have opened and/or will open on a couple months in Frisco, this is still the place to be.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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