My 100th Closing in Richwoods and this is what I have seen are “Must Haves” of my clients.


I have worked hard the past two years and have just eclipsed 100 sales in Richwoods as of yesterday. That is a combined total of K Hovnanian Homes, Toll Brothers, Landon Homes, Newcastle Homes and John Landon Signature Series homes. This has allowed me to be a part of 100 families needs vs. wants when building a new home.

I thought it would be very beneficial to list out what my clients thought and decided on. Again, everyone is different in style and taste but here are 10 of the “Must Haves” when you build a new home in today’s market.


1. Wood Floors

It is almost 95% that in this price point ($380’s-$1mm) that there is somewhere in the house you will find hard wood flooring. Either glued down or hand scraped hardwood will do.

2. Media Room

Personally, I don’t understand the Fad, but a media room is a MUST HAVE for about 90% of my clients. Even if it is upstairs for some reason people just have to have one. This can also be your “Man Cave!”

3. Electrical Outlets for Flat Screens

The Flat Screen TV is taking over. But many builders do not change the outlet unless the buyers request it. Just think twice about it. Even if you don’t use it, you will have it for resell and it would be easy to hair behind a picture.

4. Laundry Room Location

Finally, people are realizing how much time they spend in the laundry room. Make sure in your plan that the location of the laundry room is around the majority of bedrooms.

5. First Floor Extra Bedroom

I can’t tell you how many clients walk into a house, look for the extra bedroom downstairs and can’t find one, then they walk out. It is very important to have an extra bedroom for parents, guests, hobbies etc.

6. Three Car Garages

At this price point, the majority of my clients purchase this as their next home. So many want a larger garage, no question about it.

7. Wider Hallways

Most hallways are 3 feet wide according to minimum standards for Frisco code. But if you can make them wider (4 Feet) it looks better and feels more roomy.


8. Large Drawers in the Kitchen instead of Cabinets

Old school is cabinets. New school, larger drawers. Large drawers make more sense and allow you to easily access the items towards the back.


9. Free Shower Caddies

This is something I learned first hand and if you address it with your builder at the time you are walking electricals, they are very likely to accommodate your request. It’s easy to build the box and they will either tile it or marble it and is ESSENTIAL when you are in the shower.


10. Oversized Kitchens with Large Island

On average, over 10 hours a day is spent in every kitchen in America! It’s the most used room of any room in the house. Make it large, make it nice and it will make you smile!

For more information on any of the builders in Richwoods or their available lots or incentives, call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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