Independence High School in Frisco will present the planned attendance zones today which will greatly affect Richwoods, Lawler Park and Liberty Crossing


Independence High School, the seventh high school in Frisco, is the number one priority for the Frisco School Board meeting today at 5:45pm when the attendance zones will be proposed.

Since Frisco is adding so many new communities and homes it’s most likely that current students will be pushed into new attendance zones next year that live in Richwoods and Lawler Park.

Frisco ISD’s current timing plan is to adopt a final plan for zoning by December.

This next year’s high school rezoning will be particularly difficult as the new Independence High School is centered within about two miles of Centennial High School, Liberty High School and Heritage High School.

Independence High School is set to open in August of 2014 to only freshmen, sophomores and juniors. This has happened many times in Frisco when the new high schools opened their doors.

I have heard that the plan is to take all residents in between Coit and Independence from 121 and go North all the way to Independence as the plan for Independence High School to start.

The Superintendent of Frisco ISD Jeremy Lyon said that they have done their best to avoid exceptions in rezoning in an effort to be fair to all students.

Many of my clients that have families are drawn to Frisco because of its commitment to maintain small classes.
The good thing is the school board has already moved up McSpedden Elementary which will be located in Lawler Park and be the new elementary for both Lawler Park and Richwoods.


Frisco aims to keep its high schools at the University Interscholastic League’s 4A division, which is set at 1,005 to 2,089 students. Shockingly this year, Liberty has 2,228 students; Centennial has 2,191; and Heritage has 1,985.

So two of the three should be in 5A. Independence will help fix this problem.

And most likely next year, the 2015 opening of the eight High School, Reedy High School on the west side of Frisco will most likely have to do the same thing with refining.


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