How to Make an Offer and Negotiate on a New Home in Frisco Texas


In my 10+ years of helping my clients negotiate with a new home builder, I have seen it all. From the builders salesperson blowing up in the clients face, the client throwing objects across the room etc. For me it’s a very simple task if you truley understand your variables. And the answer is ALWAYS YES, to submitting an offer or getting more money thrown in.

Here are 5 Points to Consider when sitting down to contract on a new home in a Sellers Market.

#1. Builders do not HAVE to sell you a home.

Many people don’t realize that a builder can tell you to go away at any time for any reason. Even if you don’t like something in the house, is that their problem? Why should they give you a discount? I have seen and heard about it plenty of times with buyers.


#2. Never bring up an offer that you do not think is fair and can not be justified.

Here’s the truth. If a builders salesperson can see any hesitation on your part to make the transaction happen, they shut down. There is nothing worse for them to spend endless hours that are completely wasted if you are being unreasonable.

#3. Be SUPER Nice

Salespeople normally get one day off and sit in the garage of a model home from 9:30am-7:00pm. The last thing they want is a buyer trying to be pushy or just like #2, the salesperson will shut down. Also it is very important because especially in this market, the salespersons boss expects them to bring in full price offers. So if you make them happy enough and actually really like you then they will be more likely to get something better thrown in for you.


#4. Never bring up another builders incentives or pricing.

This isn’t Walmart where they match prices, this is a specific business model of how to make X amount. It is irrelevant and will not help anything.

#5. Use an Expert

If your realtor does not specialize in New Homes, it’s time to make a change. I know what the difference whether it’s a K Hovnanian Home, Toll Brothers Home, Darling Home, Highland Home, ETC. If your realtor doesn’t have experience with the builder they might hurt your negotiations rather than help them. And on any new home, you will not get a better deal if you do not use a realtor. Those days are long gone.


Whether the builder will take money off the lot premium, the elevation, add additional upgrades, pay closing costs, pay title, pay HOA fees, take more of a percentage off, buy down your interest rate, buy out your PMI, etc. It would be nice for you to understand WHAT you are trying to accomplish then to go in blindly. I have accomplished all of the above in the past couple months for my clients!


Regardless of what you end up doing though, make sure you feel right about everything before moving forward. Negotiating is good until you don’t get anything close to what you are aiming for. And there is ALWAYS something to negotiate even if they tell you first thing there are no offers or extra discounts coming. Not true.

Lastly, remember that I give the largest rebate to my clients out of any other realtor on your new home. My 4% Total Rebate has helped 100’s of buyers in 2013 and the plan is to continue into 2014.

Call or text me today to discuss communities, builders or my rebate at (469) 733-2723.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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