PDQ Opens in Frisco on Preston!


I was heading to the mall with my wife and two boys when we saw my niece walking home from school from Vandeventer. So we picked her up and made our way to Stonebriar. Dinner time came and we decided to try out this new chicken place on Preston that just opened called PDQ, or QDP, or PQD or something.


I was expecting a Canes or a Chicken Express but was very surprised! Yes, it was filled with workers because it was the second day it was open but the place had a wide variety from the tenders, to sandwiches, salads and even milkshakes.


The interior was very bright and open with booths and tables. And the food was fantastic with many different choices of house made sauces to make things better.


I spoke to one of the managers and he hyped his crispy turkey sandwich, which I thought sounded disgusting, but he brought one over for us to try for free which was very different but good.

But overall for a quick chicken meal, it’s a winner. Not a big fan of the name but I’m sure it will be a norm in the next couple of years!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

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