Toll Brothers at Richwoods Country in Frisco to Release 10 Lots for Deposit


Toll Brothers at Richwoods Country in Frisco is about to release 10 of the next 30 lots. The wait has been now for a couple months but the lot split has been completed.


Above is the 1st phase for Toll Brothers and as you can see, they have 2 buyers ready to deposit as soon as the pricing hits the salespersons inbox. There is no guarantee, but it is LIKELY, the prices will go up from the last section due to increase in lot cost.


Every client that I have looking for a larger lot in Richwoods with Toll is excited about the new selection. Standard size lots are 90 feet wide by 130 deep. There are some oversized lots that will be available in the next phases as well.


For more info on Toll Brothers at Richwoods Country in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden TODAY at (469) 733-2733.


“And don’t forget to ask Brad about his $17,500 Buyer Rebate for all clients that have deposits on Toll Brothers homes or plan to contract on a Toll Brothers home in Frisco by July 15th, 2014.”

This is “ON TOP” of what I can negotiate for you and Tolls buyer incentive to purchase a home.

Come be my neighbor in Richwoods Country Today! It’s Fantastic!

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker


And I do have this pocket listing above that is an absolutely decked out Toll Brothers home will all the upgrades that will be coming on line THIS WEEK! So if you are looking to get into a home NOW, this is for you! Call or text me for a private tour or if you have any additional questions.

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