The Coop at Frisco Square in Frisco Review


This weekend I ventured out with my son to “The Coop” at Frisco Square in Frisco. And I was very surprised!


To sum up The Coop, I would have to say it is an amazing place for either an outing with the kiddos or the ULTIMATE location for a child’s birthday party.


We were there for free time play and here’s what that consists of. $10 per child for as long as you want! It’s around a 4,000 square foot space with more than 2,000 square feet for kiddos to make new friends or just run around in a safe environment.


There’s a HUGE ballpit with a climbing structure and slide, a bounce house, a dance floor, smaller cars to ride around and most importantly, a smaller toddler area. Smart for multiple aged kiddos.


For Private Birthday parties, there is a large table, shelf for presents and tucked away is a “Man Cave” so dads can step out and take a look at any sports score during the party! Brilliant.


Private Birthdays start at $350 for 2 hours with much more.


I spoke to the owners and they said this idea came from the TV show the “Shark Tank” and the first franchise is this one in Frisco! Pretty cool.

We will Definitely Be Back!





Check it out at The Coop Frisco

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