MainVue Homes at Phillips Creek Ranch (Henley Park) in Frisco opens on March 7th!

This title should say, “Uptown Dallas moves to Frisco!”

MainVue Homes is the newest and Hottest thing in the Real Estate market here in Frisco today! Wow! For my 11 years of selling new homes here in Frisco, I have never seen anything like this product. 

The location in Phillips Creek Ranch that MainVue Homes is building is their own section called Henley Park. The standard lot size is 65 wide by 120 deep. There are 6 model homes to walk through as well! And that is amazing!!!

The best part of the models though is EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS STANDARD! The uniqueness of their Italian wood and different doors, trim, cabinets, flooring and handles will blow your mind. They for sure will not appeal to everyone, but they really have a niche with a particular buyer, I promise! 

The owner, Peter Hayes, is a great guy and definitely Australian with his accent. Great concept and is incorporating a little Texas in their models! 

Most local homebuilders use familiar options of design details, brick and stone exteriors and historically inspired styles.

MainVue brings a range of contemporary houses that aren’t stuck in the past.

Henley Properties’ owns MainVue Homes and they will for sure cause a stir building houses that have clean lines and lots of open space inside and that use modern materials including exotic woods and ceramic tiles.

The more I think about it people today are staying in modern hotels and eating in modern restaurants. So why not come home to the same thing?

MainVue, which in the last two years has built hundreds of houses in the Seattle, has purchased locations for its first three housing communities in Frisco and McKinney.

They told me last night that their next location planned is Houston. 

My thought is younger professionals in particular are bored with the standard new home offerings most local builders provide and MainVue has an answer. 

MainVue Homes got their start in the late 1980s in Australia and is partly owned by Japan’s Sumitomo Forestry Group, has been careful to not overdo the shift to contemporary.

The designs use a combination of brick, stucco and glass and will have lower rooflines than most new houses in the area.

They hosted a Realtor event last night and really took care of us! The pricing is around the mid $600’s and square feet ranges from 3,300 to around 4,500. The buyer incentive is $30,000. 

For more on MainVue Homes at Phillips Creek Ranch in Frisco text or call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723 for more information. 

And for the grand opening I will offer clients an extra $15,000 for additional upgrades or closing costs. 

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

One thought on “MainVue Homes at Phillips Creek Ranch (Henley Park) in Frisco opens on March 7th!

  1. Wow love the modern features but still homie in love totally would try to move (even though I’m 13 I love seein house like this )

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