Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point is “THE BOMB” for anyone in North Texas, including Parents!

Got kids? 

Okay. Find the next day that is WIDE open with no scheduled events and take a day trip to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point!

Our time is important and Sharkarosa is only a 45 minute drive from our house in Frisco! I have grown up in North Dallas my entire life and to experience these unique animals there were only two choices; Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma and Fossil Rim. These are about 2 hours away which is tough on both kids and parents to take those day trips!

Considering this was Spring Break for my oldest who attends Frisco ISD, it was a perfect time to get out for the day and check out some of our furry friends. 

The Sharkrosa Wildlife Ranch is more like an interactive Zoo. The ranch sits on 126 acres and is laid out perfectly!!

You enter and there are different directions for different animals like this cute little monkey.

There is a viewing area for a blue bobcat, lemurs, monkeys, sloths, goats, horses, camels, porcupines and a Kangaroo sanctuary. 

The Sharkarosa crew is amazing! It felt like they were everywhere and very friendly and knowledgable. The best aspect of Sharkarosa is when you enter there is a board with “unique presentations/discussions” about a specific animal or animals and it tells the times when they take place. Normally every 30 minutes! Included in Admission. 

For example, we first did the Kangaroo presentation and they fed a kangaroo a bottle and gave us some great info like “Kangaroos can jump 10 feet high and 30 feet long!”And my wife’s favorite, “when Kangaroos are born, they are the size of a JELLYBEAN!”
We then waited at the table area where they brought out reptiles like Boa Snakes and weird lizards where all the kids could touch them. 

Next, we walked over to the barrel ride that looked like a long slithery snake pulled by a big tractor which was a HUGE hit with my 5 year old! 

And my 2 year old as you can see. Included in Admission.

We then were told that we could meet the Sloths! Of course we were going to meet the sloths!  So, all 4 of us were escorted in their humid habitat where we fed and pet both Jack and Jackie as they stared at us with their round creepy eyes! And ate SOOOOO slow! (This was an extra $35, but I like the opportunity to be one on one with unique animals.)

Next we ventured over to see the Bears at the Bear Den. We took a detour and a quick break and played on a huge playground with about 25 other kids!  Included in Admission. 

By the Bear Den there is an amazing restaurant that serves pizza with bathrooms! 

Next we boarded a tram with about 40 others and took a 30 minute tram ride. We brought our feed bags and were driven to three different pastures. The first was HUGE horses and some hybrid animals. There was a “ZORSE”– Zebra-Horse and a “ZEDONK” Zebra-Donkey! They were really cool looking!  below is the ZORSE. 

The second pasture had an incredible looking reindeer! The horns were so thick and looked fuzzy. There were also huge pigs, llamas and zebras. 
There were buckets on the sides of the tram that the animals fed out of. But more often than not, if you turned your head the other direction for 4 or 5 seconds, when you looked back either a zebra or llama would be 12 inches from your face! It was pretty amazing. And I felt 100% safe even with my crazy 2 year old wanting to pet every one of them! 

The last pasture of Camels was by far the craziest! There were about 10 or 15 and they were fast and eager. And HUGE! 

After the tram ride, I found out we could meet a Lemur which was the absolute highlight of the day! A worker brought out “Theodore”, a Lemur that they have raised since birth, and led us to a special area with some trees and fenced off from the rest of the ranch. 

As you can see, we got to hold him, play, pet and feed him. He ate grapes, jumped on my neck. Climbed a fence. And my favorite part was his hand. His grip was pretty close to a little babies grip! Kids liked it a lot but I’m pretty sure, but the Parents loved it!!! (It was $35 for the one on one)

They also had a petting zoo and baby horse rides. Included in Admission. 

Overall, we had one of the best days ever! And think about it, if you go to the Dallas or Fort Worth Zoo it is exhausting with the amount of walking you do and most of the time the animals are hiding in the back or at the back of the huge acre exhibit. 

At Sharkarosa they are right in front of you. Close to each other. Staff is everywhere. And you don’t have to spend a minimum of $150 for a family of 4 that you would at the Zoo! 


Adults 13+ is $12.00. Children (3-5) are $9.50. And Children 2 and Under are FREE! Feed is $3 a bag or $10 for 4 bags. 

So $150.00 for a Zoo day trip OR under $50 for Sharkarosa?!? Hmmmmm?!? There is no COMPARISON in my mind! 

Oh, and to hang with a Lemur like Theodore pay $35.00? I’m in! 

Go to Sharkarosa and make some memories! Now! Today! Hurry. 

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