ANNOUNCING Super Walmart at Custer and Highway 121 in East Frisco!

 It was only time for one of the big boxes like Walmart to land in East Frisco! 

A Walmart Supercenter will be the anchor tenant on around 44 acres at the North West corner of 121 and Custer in Frisco. 


Last night, Frisco’s Mayor Maso and the Director of  Development Services John Lettelleir confirmed to me that Walmart is a “Go” and has been already approved for this site. 

Custer Bridges is the development and along with Walmart, there will be gas pumps and seven retail/restaurant pads on a total of 5 lots. Currently the facade plans have been submitted to the city for the buildings and Walmart for approval. 
Across Custer Road to the East, there are other major retailers like Target and Lowes etc. which are located in the city of McKinney. With the addition of Walmart and these additional pad sites, Frisco can keep more tax dollars being spend since the majority of customers are Frisco residents currently. 


The developer and city of Frisco have worked to construct a trail over West Rowlett Creek to connect to the hike and bike trail that is part of the Six City Hike & Bike Trail that will eventually connect to White Rock Trail in Dallas. A tributary is located on the property. 
This is another one of many new happenings that are in the works for East Frisco and its residents. We are very excited! 

For more on new home developments in Frisco text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

4 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING Super Walmart at Custer and Highway 121 in East Frisco!

  1. This is terrible news – one of the most overcrowded intersections in our area is about to get worse. The additional traffic flow will overload the already undersized Custer Rd. leading to the inevitable widening process and months of lane closures. Living near this property, I can say that the only people excited about this development are the Frisco city tax collectors.

  2. We are excited! I don’t like going all the way over to Preston. This is much closer to us. The crowding near Stonebriar is ridiculous now. We went to Ross the other day and it was like being in a horrible. The store was a disaster. The aisles had stuff on the floor everywhere and the bathroom was beyond disgusting. Everyone in the store looked scary too. Literally felt like we were in a third world country.

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