Hard Eight Barbeque (BBQ) in The Colony Opens to Rave Reviews! (Including me!)

  After a morning of Thomas the Train in Grapevine, we decided that it was time for Hard Eight Barbeque in The Colony to serve us up some of its finest meats!  
   The first thing we noticed when pulling in to the parking lot was a burning smell. Obviously, we thought it was Barbeque cooking, but as we walked up, there was a worker kind enough to explain it to me. 

Hard Eight goes the extra mile to put stacks of cedar wood in those cookers that get up to over 1000 degrees! But why you ask?

 When the wood burns down to small coals, they take the wood out and use it to heat the already prepared meats as you start your walk in the line. All that, to keep the meats hot and fresh! That’s amazing!  

 When you walk in, you can order a ribeye at the first stop or continue to the meats.  

 Workers are ready to chop up any of your liking. Brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs etc. and how they price it is they weigh it when you are finished choosing! Pretty smart.  

 You continue through the doors to the inside where other necessities for eating Texas Barbeque and items are available such as macaroni and cheese, bread, corn and desserts.  

 Seating is open with long tables and medium sized flat seats very well spread out for big people with big arms like me.  

   As you can see, we got a little of everything. And pretty much EVERYTHING was amazing! The manager dropped by and even gave my wife and 3 year old son a free banana pudding, because he just RAVED about it, and boy was he right! GET IT! ITS AMAZING!  
 They also serve a free bean mix by the drinks.  

 And as we were leaving, we left through the patio and it is huge with plenty of seating! There is also a section you can reserve if you have a large party. There are like 20 tables there.  

   Hard Eight opens at 10:30am on the weekdays and it’s a good thing we got there early. Below was the line as we left at 11:45ish.
 Overall, it’s a great place with great food and a unique and fun atmosphere. 

This is their 4th location. It started in Stephenville and has since Coppell, Roanoake and here at The Colony. 

Go try Hard Eight Barbeque in The Colony for an amazing meal and experience! 

It’s good!   


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