DEBUNKED: Justin Timberlake NOT moving to Frisco, Texas. Instead, to Tennessee. 

Sorry Ladies. 

Justin Timberlake was allegedly moving to Frisco according to a website called WMAC NEWS.  I did a little research and…


WMAC NEWS is a fantasy news site. Most articles on WMAC NEWS are satire or pure fantasy.


And yes, there is hope that the new father will show up down the street, I’m pretty sure he’s moving to Tennessee. 
On July 1st, 2015, the Tennesean reported that:

Tennessee native Justin Timberlake is Nashville’s newest resident after the pop-singer and new father brought a nice chunk of land in Williamson County’s Leiper’s Fork community. 

Timberlake reportedly paid $4 million for the 126.63 acres of land on Old Highway 96 in Williamson County.

The Tennesean also reported: “In December Timberlake’s mother and stepfather, Paul and Lynn Harless, paid $2.83 million for a 10,000-square-foot home that sits on more than 10 acres in Brentwood.”

I’m pretty sure Granny Timberlake didn’t spend that much money for a house that big for herself and her husband! Probably knew about a grandkid moving close by. 

 They even fooled my wife!!!


BUT … Justin, if you read this, change your mind and move to Frisco! You can be a Dallas Cowboys fan with me and we can take our kids to Hope Park, it’s amazing! 


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