Hash House a Go Go in Plano Review

My wife, son and I tried out Hash House a Go Go in Plano for lunch about an hour ago, and I can honestly tell you that it is all it’s cracked up to be!

  From the tractor on Park Road, to the fancy country urban flair inside, Hash House a Go Go will be a fixture in Plano for years to come!

It took over where Patrizios had been previously at Preston and Park Village with very easy to access.  It was pretty packed in the parking lot, but I’m sure that is only because it was a Friday and it opened less than a month ago on March 25th.

 Hash House a Go Go has two bar areas and two outside seating areas on patios.  The ambiance is great with chatter and music not too loud.
 They call themselves, “twisted farm food” and that is a pretty good definition from what I saw. I got the chicken and waffles in the first pic and that’s a perfect way to describe that dish!

 This is a red velvet pancake. Literally, the size of your head!

 It was packed and we had to wait for about 10 minutes at 11:00am, but well worth it.

 Martha Stewart approves it and the Food Network guy did a challenge there for a show. It’s originally from San Diego but is also in Vegas, I was told.

 It’s pretty high on the price, but the large portions require it. Texas Style Portions! 

 Overall, we loved it! Including my little guy, Jax! 


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