Emerson Estates by Standard Pacific Homes in Frisco Update

  Emerson Estates by Standard Pacific Homes in Frisco does have some great opportunities available including 6 inventory homes! 
  Emerson Estates opened in 2013 and is currently on its 2nd and last phase. There is a total of 145 lots and 96 have been sold. There are 6 inventory homes under construction that range on projected availability to move in from the end of April out to September. 
  There are a couple of very apealing factors that make Emerson Estates a very great option for new home buyers. 
  #1. Lot Size
Standard Pacific Homes has two different standard size lot sizes here. This alone would make me decide with Emerson Estates over Newman Village right next door! 

The lot sizes are 74 foot wide by 120 foot deep and 84 foot wide by 130 foot deep. Those 84 X 130 foot lots are HUGE

#2. Location

Lierally, 3 minutes from the Tollroad is amazing! And yes, Emerson Estates will get you there that quickly! 

#3. Standard Pacific Homes

Standard Pacific Homes has absolutely busted on the scene here since taking a tremendous position at Phillips Creek Ranch. I would give them a great grade on luxury and quality when comparing them to other builders that build in this price point. Below are a couple pictures of their model that shows their quality and design!


For more on Emerson Estates by Standard Pacific Homes in Frisco, text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723. 



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