Moviehouse and Eatery at Craig Ranch in McKinney on 121 is right on track!

Moviehouse and Eatery is right on schedule. Located in front of Southern Hills, Craig Ranch’s newest residential community, the Moviehouse and Eatery will be an instant hit considering it is on Highway 121. 

This will be their fourth facility company wide. 

The Austin-based companies new site is a 6.5-acre tract of land which is a perfect size for a theatre. 

The plans are for 10 screens and will feature reserved seating in plush recliners, wall-to-wall screens and the latest in digital and sound technology. 

Full food and beverage service in each auditorium should provide an exceptional movie-going experience, with scratch-made dishes, extensive beer, wine, cocktails and family-friendly treats.

This is from the Flower Mound location on Moviehouse and Eatery.
Places like this just work! Studio Movie Grill is another like concept and it’s really hard to take my family to another theatre that doesn’t have these features. 

The 2,200-acre Craig Ranch is one of the Dallas area’s largest and most successful residential and mixed-use communities to date. And adding Southern Hills this next weekend, this will only help their numbers! 

Moviehouse & Eatery is also located in Flower Mound, Keller and Austin. 



One thought on “Moviehouse and Eatery at Craig Ranch in McKinney on 121 is right on track!

  1. So what does “right on schedule” mean? When construction began last year, they said it would be ready in Spring 2016. Does that mean it’s still the case? Is there a grand opening date set?

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