I was a ROCKSTAR at Rock 101 Patio Grill last Saturday! 

Bon Jovi was one of the greatest bands of all times in the 80’s and 90’s. 

I found out a Bon Jovi cover band called “Blaze of Glory” would be playing at the Rock 101 Patio Grill off of Eldorado in Frisco soon, so I called and purchased a table for the night and asked them to make it special. 

It was my first time to Rock 101. As I walked up, I noticed a red carpet roped off on both sides leading up to the front doors. A very cool touch.


Once inside, unknowingly, I became a rockstar! I was led to my table perfectly located in the center. On the table, there was a large name plate along with VIP lanyards for me and a guest! A huge smile immediately filled my face. 

As we were getting settled in I was greeted by the incredibly professional and multi-talented waitstaff. After a very brief introduction they took my drink order and quickly returned with chips and queso.

I went to wash my hands and started to take notice to the rock and roll decor. As I turned down the hallway to the bathrooms, to my amazement, both side walls were lined with old Vinyl Records from the ceiling to the floor! So cool! 

I ordered and started off with the “Rebel Cheese” (recommended by waitstaff) which consisted of amazingly huge cheese sticks with made from scratch breading. They were really, really good!

My absolute favorite dish was the insanely tasty “Amplified Shrimp” (Rock 101’s version of Bang Bang Shrimp or Dynamite Shrimp) not too saucy or spicy, just PERFECTION

Finished off the night with “Mini Beignets” that could be dipped in chocolate sauce. 

Before the band came on, there was a great playlist of songs and videos on screens practically everywhere you looked. Sprinkled throughout the restaurant were NBA playoff games and the Texas Rangers game with no sound. 

The band came on to the roar of the crowd and played all of Bon Jovi’s hits one after the next. They did an amazing job and the lead singer bounced around just like Jon Bon Jovi and even came through the audience on a few songs, allowing some die hards to sing along! 

After the show I met the band, which really added to my VIP Rockstar night

So in summary:

1. Rock 101 Grill is a rock and roll themed bar & grill with a made from scratch kitchen. Literally, everything I ordered exceeded my expectations! 

2. The menu was even titled the Set List with sub-sections titled: “Opening Acts” for appetizers, “Main Events” for Entrees and “Encore” for desserts. Even the check was brought out in a VIP lanyard! Very cool! 

3. There is a patio that wraps from the side to the front with a couple of pool tables. Awesome! 

4. My plan for the night was to listen to a live cover band of incredible Bon Jovi music. But receiving the “Rockstar” treatment out of the blue, on top of listening to sweet tunes and tasting amazing grub truly made the night a very memorable one! 


Go try this fun, edgy and kid friendly place for lunch or dinner. Or wait for the switchover around 8:30pm or 9:00pm for a GREAT adult night out! 

The fact that this local venue known for its cover bands has some of the best food in town, is a secret that I intend to expose to as many people as possible! 

Ian Vaughn, Owner of Rock 101 Grill and Lava Cantina.

After this experience, I did some researching and found that Rock 101 Patio Grill is owned by Rock n’ Concepts – the same geniuses that are bringing Lava Cantina to North Dallas

Chris Harmon, Project Manager of Rock 101 Grill and Lava Cantina The Colony.

Marc Mann Project Manager of Rock 101 Grill and Lava Cantina The Colony & Tony Avezzano, Booking Director.

The leadership team of Ian Vaughn, owner, Chris Harmon & Marc Mann, Project Managers, and Tony Avezzano, Booking Director, are bringing some serious heat with their cool style, rockstar VIP treatment and a very long list of accomplishments!

And by the way, a country singer by the name of Stoney LaRue will be performing live at Rock 101 on June 9th, 2016 at 7:00pm. Now that’s a big deal!


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