Narah the Narhwal will restore your faith in humanity! Or maybe a Unicorn will. 

My 4 year old handed me my phone back one day and I noticed the GIF above was sent to a client via text message. I frantically explained to my client that my son sent the mystical rainbow whale spotted creatures spinning, and not me.

And I received the response, “lol, we love narwhals!”

Narwhals? I had never heard the term and didn’t think about it again.

Until . . . 

Later that day I walked into my living room and my seven year old was watching the movie ELF. I sat down and asked him how his day was. He asked me to wait because a funny part was coming up.

See video below:

I couldn’t believe that the Narwhal, yet again, was in front of my face! I had seen that part maybe 15 times and loved it! (not knowing it was a Narhwal)

From then on we talked about narwhals. Googled them. Talked about why they had a spear on their head. Watched videos. Etc.

It was a fun animal conversation instead of the usual gorillas, lions, tigers and bears talks.

Narah the Narwhal Narah and the Unicorn Cover.

I later came across a kickstarter campaign for a children’s book called “Narah the Unicorn – The Original Narwhal Story.

After watching the trailer, (see trailer here) it looks like a story about how the narwhal was, in a way, created!

The book has incredible paintings and pictures from National Geographic according to the kickstarter campaign and trailer.

I continued to see the authors mention they they will donate a book to a library or school when you pre-order a book!

Fantastic idea! 

There are only 31 hours (as of this writing) to pre-order a book and have them donate another to a school or a library.

The kickstarter campaign can be seen here Narah and the Unicorn.

Introducing kids to something new like a Narhwal along with teaching a lesson at the same time just makes too much sense for me to not share with other parents.

Happy Narwhalling!


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