Primetime Royalty! Prosper Lake on Preston has the best inventory home in North Texas!

I walk a lot of inventory homes. I mean, a lot! Have seen many unique upgrades, elevations, floor plans and lots etc., but this is NOW my #1!


Deion Sanders primetime” was a corner back for the Dallas Cowboys. Surprising to everyone in North Dallas, Deion decided to build a 29,122 square foot mansion on 112 acres in the country town of Prosper on Preston.

Deion called it the “Chateau Montclair,” which had a two-lane bowling alley; a game room with a bar; a theater with a stage; a full indoor basketball court with a scoreboard and sound system; a gym; a barbershop; steam showers; a locker room; a yoga studio; a natatorium with a pool and spa; a screened-in colonnade.

Well, Deion played, had kids, had a reality show there, then it was time to sell. That’s where Bloomfield came in and took it and created Prosper Lake on Preston.

Prosper Lake on Preston is a Bloomfield Homes community. Bloomfield promises the lots will be 1/3 of an acre+. On every lot.

This home at 1351 Watertown Drive is the dream home for a Dallas Cowboy fan or even ANYONE!!!!

Everyone knows the location, location, location phrase. Which is very true. BUT Imagine the location check box then water view check box also being checked. AND both of those in Texas.😳

Then throw in a modern luxury components through the entire home with a perfect use of space throughout. Its going to be very hard for me to find something that’s even comparable to this.

I mean waking up in the master bedroom and rolling over to see Deion’s old pond backing to your own house in Texas, almost impossible finding anything better.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s lovely and available to move in today! That’s the craziest part to me is that this home is available! The Bloomfield plan is a Caspia 2. Stunning. Coolest home in North Texas.

For more info or a showing of this unbelievable home text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723. And ask me about my rebate program for my clients that have a house to sell. It’s the best in DFW.


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