Bloomfield Homes at Paloma Creek opens the hold-out farmers land with 9 Inventory Homes!

Bloomfield Homes has taken a strong hold on the remaining lots in Paloma Creek. Bloomfield Homes has now been in DFW for over 14 years and have really taken a hold of the $200,000-$400,000 market.

They really know how to maximize the amenities in the house and are able to keep the prices down for affordability. One inventory home is the Dogwood floorplan, 3 bedroom 2 bath and priced at $278,600!

These homes are built sound and are not a typical KB Home low end housing product.

The 9 inventory homes are at different stages of construction but 2 are ready for move-in today. Bloomfield Homes is one of the couple quality builders in Paloma Creek.

Bloomfield Homes also has two sections where they are filling in empty lots within existing homes. Deals can also be made when builders are in situations like this.

For more on Bloomfield Homes at Paloma Creek text or call Brad Holden to receive additional discounts on top of negotiating the price!


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