Review: Canyons Rock Climbing in Frisco is a fantastic indoor activity!

Took my 9 and 5 year old to Canyons Rock Climbing in Frisco to see what it’s about. I knew my 9 year old would be fine but was very hesitant about if my 5 year old could do anything.

This video doesn’t exist

Luckily, it’s inside a big warehouse, and blowing tons of air conditioning!😉 That was a must for us to stay in this 109 degree heat.

Talked to the guys at the front and they said they have 5 of the automatic ropes and both of my kids could do it! That was good. But that’s not all.

You have to have a harness and shoes so I was curious the cost. He informed me my 5 year old was free! I didn’t argue at all. The total was $19.47 for the 9 year olds shoes and harness and able to climb all day!There was a summer camp going on as well when we were there.

I had to strap up when my boys wanted to try lines without the automatic rope which was very easy.

We spent maybe an hour and a half there but I’m sure older kids could stay all day.

Two thumbs up from the Holden’s!


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