Dallas Cowboys Defensive End Pass Rushers have dubbed themselves the “Hot Boys”

After the Dallas Cowboys Hot Boys first day of camp in Oxnard, California for the 2018 season, Taco Charlton spoke to David Helman with the Dallas Cowboys media and said the pass rushers have dubbed themselves the “Hot Boys!”

Taco Charlton

Brad Holden and Taco Charlton after the Dallas Cowboys victory over the Kansas City Chiefs last year.

“So right now it’s still an argument. As we battle through camp, we battle through names, too. We’ve also got to do it by age. So the young ones can compete for Wayne, and the older guys like Ty – he can be Mannie Fresh. He’s the OG. Or he could be Baby. He’s in control. He’s the captain of the D-Line, he runs everything. He and D – Law can be the top two, they are the oldest ones and have been here the longest. We will definitely have our names by the end of camp.”

– Taco Charlton

Demarcus wanted me to add Jihad Ward on this one.

I will tell you one thing. Those dude on the Source Magazine Cover can call themselves the “Hot Boys” or whatever they want because they are going to Dominate this season.

Go Cowboys!


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