INTRODUCING Eldarica at Chapel Creek in Frisco!

Chapel Creek in Frisco has always been ultra luxury. The developer LandPlan, has created a very unique opportunity with 16 lot section called Eldarica!

The 16 lots of Eldarica are situated around a generously landscaped open greenspace with a limited 8 lots overlooking the treed banks of a Creek (2 of which have already been sold).

The lots are a minimum 1/3 acre Ana go up from there ranging from 14,518 square feet up to 32,762.

Above is lot 4 in Eldarica, a custom home built by Mark Matie at Matie Custom Homes.

How these lots work are you purchase it from the developer and bring in your own builder. LandPlan has an approved list of builders that they have already approved but if you would like to bring in your own builder LandPlan will definitely take a look at them!

Shelley Malone with Malone Custom Builders is currently building the home on lot 8.

For more on Eldarica at Chapel Creek in Frisco, or for a tour of the community, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.


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