Frisco’s own Maelyn Jarmon gets a massive 4 Chair turn tonight on NBC’s The Voice!

Tonight on the season premiere of The Voice on NBC, Frisco’s own Maelyn Jarmon shocked the World with a massive 4 chair turn!

Here’s a quick shout out to Frisco from Maelyn:

Maelyn Jarmon, 25, moved to New York City to chase her music dreams 8 years ago. As a kid, she had many ear infections and her eardrum didn’t fully heal which caused her to be deaf in one ear.

She says it’s been a struggle but she worked through it. She said, “You see singers plug one ear when they need to do harmonies and hear themselves, so it’s kinda like a little superpower.”

Maelyn’s parents Rebecca and Steve Jarmon (Frisco residents) are shocked when all four judges turn around.

Maelyn says New York is hard. She moved from musical theatre to being a solo artist so she has been waitressing just to get by.

A watch party of over 100 in Plantation last night was packed with all of her close friends and family.

Maelyn sang “Fields of Gold” by Sting.

Adam Levine just barely hit the buzzer before Blake Shelton only 9 seconds into the song.

Kelly Clarkson took maybe 2 more seconds to hit hers and John Legend took it all in with his eyes closed then finished the 4 chair turn.

Here is Maelyns performance at her watch party with her reaction to her performance:

Here are some of the Judges comments:

Blake Shelton

“You just have such precision and power in your voice…it cuts through everything! It literally moved me to hear you sing.”

Maelyn taking her performance in at her watch party.

Kelly Clarkson

“You have such a god given gift that connects to people. You seem very smart…you are unstoppable!”

Maelyn with Jake and Jax Holden.

John Legend

“What you did, it showed your skill it showed your mastery of your instrument…it also showed you have Magic too. We felt the magic tonight!”

Adam Levine

“You do have magic…that was astounding. You kind of have it all. As a coach…I think I would be great!”

Then it was time for her to pick her coach.

“For my coach…I pick John.”

Here is Maelyns reaction when she chooses John at the watch party:

Even the host Carson Daly leans in to the camera and says, “That’s a big win for John!”

Needless to say afterwards it was all smiles and hugs for Maelyn finally getting to talk about her amazing experience.

Pretty sure she will have many more to come!

Hey Frisco…Vote for Maelyn!!!

Follow Maelyn on twitter and Instagram at @maelynmusic

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