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Light Farms in Celina Spring Home Tour for Realtors and Update on the Community


Light Farms in Celina is Rockin’ and Rollin!

The community opened with a total of 6 builders including Shaddock Homes, American Legend, Darling Homes, Drees Homes, Lionsgate Homes and the most recently announced Highland Homes.


Sales started last year around July of 2013 and to my amazement, there are a total of about 121 contracts! That is much higher than I anticipated with the location and how long it takes for a community to get up and running.

They also have a total of 19 available homes that are available from now through the month of October!


All Realtors were invited out today for a model home tour that was ultimately a progressive lunch through each model. It started out at the information center above where they gave us a packet to get stamped through our journey.


The appetizers started at Bluestem at the American Legend model and the Lions Gate model. American Legend is dominating on the 50 by 115 lots! They are almost sold out of the first phase and will have to wait for the next phase of lots.



Lions Gate is not to far behind as you can see below.


Next we ventured to Drees and Darling Homes. They also were selling very well. Darling told me that they have 4 contracts to write this week alone!






Here they served us the lunch portion and filled us in on sales and incentives.


And at our last model home we ventured to Shaddock in the Grange Section of Light Farms.


Key Lime Pie was served and they have also Sold a tremendous amount of homes for the price point in the $500’s!!!


Then we all met back up at the Light Farms Information Center for drawings and some great prizes!



But here is why Light Farms really matters!


You can see the location in Red. If you follow the Tollroad directly South to the intersection of Highway 380 and North Dallas Tollroad, you will see three developments that are approved and well underway! This alone will start a tremendous amount of growth in the North sector and will ultimately create a new destination for buyers to choose from with Windsong Ranch also a mile away from the development.


For more information on Light Farms in Celina or the builders available lots and pricing, text or call Brad Holden today at (469)733-2723.

“And don’t forget to ask Brad about his $10,000 rebate for clients that purchase in Light Farms!”

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Shaddock Homes at Light Farms in Celina, Texas


Shaddock Homes at Light Farms in Celina has an incredible opportunity for any buyer considering Light Farms. Shaddock builds in the larger lots and is priced higher than Drees, American Legend, Darling, Etc. Their standards though make it all make sense though.


Shaddock is known for building plans with two incredible features, their staircases and Sight lines.


Owner, Peter Shaddock believes that these two factors are what buyers really are looking for. And I will agree that they are in the top 10 for sure.


So what’s the incredible opportunity you ask?

It’s simple. Shaddock and their pricing for the square footage and lot size and what they are offering as standards, puts Shaddock at Light Farms as a incredible buy for what you are receiving. Let’s put it this way, a spec in Light Farms practically loaded, is currently at 4,761 square feet priced at $514,900. I would guess that a client could end on that Spec at the low $460’s!!!! Now if you could pick that same home up and drop it in Frisco at Park Place Estates you would be looking at the $660’s!!! This will not last and Peter Shaddock has seen enough developments to know that he needs homes sold and on the ground for buyers to see and to create momentum.


For more on Shaddock Homes or available lots at Light Farms in Celina text or call Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more information.


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Will Light Farms in Celina be the next Frisco?


I attended a Drees Realtor event at the Light Farms information Center today and had one of the salespeople say, “Celina is the next Frisco!”

I smiled and told her that she has to be kidding!


As I left I thought about what she said. There are a couple things that are happening in Celina that mirror Frisco about 10 years ago.

All of the farmers/land owners in Frisco were up in arms about letting developers in to create commercial and office buildings, but it happened.

Today, the Celina farmers/ land owners are doing the same thing! But developers like Republic Property Group, Blur Star and Matthews Southwest have big plans for the area.

The Tollroad north of 121 was a 2 lane highway in Frisco and the plans were to build it north. Look what happened.

Celina right now is set up the same way!

And lastly, I am sure you are wondering “what about Prosper?” Well it’s simple.

The land prices in Celina are not astronomical like in Prosper. Prosper is great, but developers like RPG cannot make it work in Prosper, but they can in Celina!

Just like they couldn’t make it work in Plano, but they could in Frisco!


So who knows? It might be in 10 years, but NO ONE can see that far into real estate for sure.

But what we do know is the builders like Darling, American Legend, Drees, Shaddock, Highland and Lionsgate haven’t made too many mistakes lately, and they are in Celina at Light Farms.


Call or text Brad Holden today at (469) 733-2723 for more info on Light Farms in Celina.

Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

Light Farms in Celina just makes sense!


It was a year ago and I got a call from Candy Evans, THE only Dallas Real Estate Blogger, and she asked me about Light Farms in Celina.

I said, “Huh? Light Farms? Celina?”


She continued with she has heard that it will be the next best community and has everything going for it, and honestly I was very skeptical.

Until Yesterday.


Light Farms in Celina right now is perfect for a large amount of buyers that I speak to on a daily basis.

Here are 5 reasons why Light Farms WILL be a fantastic community for many, many new home buyers.


#1. Location

I focus on Frisco communities and a year ago had a hard time getting comfortable with Celina as being a desirable location. But now after driving it, being a visionary and realizing why it makes sense, Light Farms could be a better location than Phillips Creek Ranch, Richwoods or Lawler Park.


The Dallas North Tollroad WILL continue directly by the community. (See above) It is literally right off the Tollroad. This has a huge advantage for communities and makes Light Farms attractive with its accessibility.


#2. Builders

The builders that will be building in Light Farms are American Legend Homes, Darling Homes, Lionsgate Homes, Drees Homes, Shaddock Homes and Highland Homes.


I have sold homes with every one and the quality, customer service and track record all give Light Farms a big advantage over other communities. They are all successful and build great homes. Not one bad builder.


#3. Price

With these builders and the timing right now of the grand opening, ANYONE who makes the decision to contract in the next couple months are sitting pretty with equity.

In new home developments, the key is buying right. And in the beginning the builders do not know exactly what their homes will go for market, so most of the time they underprice and the market shows them they are too cheap. For instance, Lionsgate has sold 16 here and their model isn’t even complete! This shows the demand was there and the buyers jumped since the prices are so much less than the communities they were looking in Frisco, Allen, McKinney and Prosper.


See the map above. Light Farms is on 908 acres and plans for 2,700 homes at build out! This alone should make sense to you by “getting in early!”

#4. Retail

I know what you are thinking, “Retail? What’s this guy talking about!?!”. Well, it’s coming, breaking ground very, very soon!


There are two MAJOR developments that will be coming on two corners of highway 380 and the Dallas North Tollroad. The first is Frisco North.

The Frisco North Development will be located on the South West corner or 380 and the Tollroad and consist of retail, apartments and commercial space. Cinemark has already announced a 14 theatre movie theatre there!


On the North West corner, Mr. Jack Matthews purchased 157 acres and plans for more retail, office, hotel and entertainment. Jack is with Matthews Southwest and they have developed The Tribute in They Colony as well as the Omni in downtown Dallas.

SLAM DUNK with those two projects coming to life!!!


#5. Light Farms Amenities

With 4 pools, 4 tennis courts, a fitness center, hike and bike trails, playgrounds/parks and close to 132 acres of the community as green space; Light Farms wins!


At the pool they have a concession area! What community has that! Also, the fact of around 132 acres of green space will make this place look great.


After actually seeing it, it makes sense.

If you are interested in Light Farms and would like more info on builders, the plat map, available lots or want a tour of the community; text or call me today at (469) 733-2723.


The available signs above will be gone very soon and those buyers will make a fantastic decision to buy in Light Farms in Celina.

“And don’t forget to ask me about my 4% Total Rebate for this an next month in Light Farms for my clients.”


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker

ANNOUNCING new development LIGHT FARMS in Celina

Light Farms in Celina

Light Farms Plans to be a very unique Development!

Light Farms is slated to be an 806 acre Master–Planned Community located in Collin County, Texas. The uniqueness of this community might just blow you away, but is a very good fit to be in Texas.

(Here is where I learned about this massive, unique community from Candace, click here!)

The development is planned to include an unbelievable combination of amenities including over an 100 acre regional park, a community center that will have a Junior-Olympic pool and recreational pool, a normal state-of-the art fitness center, parks scattered throughout, many green belts, lakes scattered throughout, and a must in new developments hike-and-bike trails.

Now here is the wild part! Also planned are a series of natural waterfalls and water ways. Among the highlights are two meticulously restored barns obtained from upstate New York – roughly 200 years old – that are slated to be incorporated into the design of the main amenity center and sales office.

WOW! I sure hope the Republic Property Group can pull this one off!

“Light Farms is ideally located in what is commonly referred to as the “Golden Corridor”, the area between Preston Road and the Dallas North Tollway and is less than 15 minutes from fine shopping, dining, entertainment and sports facilities in Frisco and McKinney,” the Repulic Property Group website states. In looking at a map, it is in a direct line of the growth going north directly down the tollroad. But don’t make plans just yet.

There are a couple of miles between the location and Eldorado Parkway in Frisco. What does this mean?

Construction of the community’s infrastructure is underway and will be followed by lot development, construction of entrance monuments and amenities. At build out, Light Farms will be home to approximately 2,700 families.

They are officially open today and have sold many homes.

Call me today at (469) 733-2723 for more info on Light Farms in Celina!