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Richwoods in Frisco final touches on amenity center foundation


The entire foundation of the Richwoods Amenity Center in Frisco has been poured this morning. It’s definitely an exciting thing to see.

The parking spots have also been poured living room for landscaping and etc.

Landon Homes, Toll Brothers, Newcastle and K Hovnanian Homes have all opened new sections of lots. The prices are all higher, but some are in a way better location.

For instance: Landon has opened up Richwoods Corners. It is a small section directly across from the amenity center in the front of the neighborhood. It is amazing and they already have 8 lots SOLD.

Things are definitely hopping on my own personal home as well. Below is the progress and it is looking fantastic!!


For more info on Richwoods in Frisco call Brad Holden at (469) 733-2723.

And don’t other to ask about my 4% Total Rebate for my clients. If you are considering at all buying in Richwoods, let the salesperson know that you are working with Brad Holden and your rebate will be taken care of.

Call me if you have any questions.