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FIRE today at Siena at Stone Hollow – A Standard Pacific Home


As I was pulling into my home in Richwoods in Frisco, I noticed a large trail of black smoke located North East of my home.


I ran into my house and grabbed my son to go see what the smoke was coming from.


As we got closer we noticed that it was on the McKinney/Frisco border. And as we came up on it, it was a Standard Pacific Home in the new community called Sienna at Stone Hollow.


There were about 40 onlookers and approximately 4 fire trucks and 6 police cars. The home faced West and looking at the damage it was probably in the frame stage. Completely burned down.


The ironic thing is the fire station is located directly beside the community separated by a brick wall.

Fires spread quick!


Brad Holden – Holden New Homes – Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker