2×6 vs. 2×4 in Richwoods Place . . . You Decide!?!


This morning I spent a couple hours at Landon Homes in Richwoods Place writing a contract and my client starting asking questions to Max Luce ,the salesperson, about KHOV.

I always like hearing how the builders salespeople explain their homes in comparison to their competition. So he went straight into pricing, which Landon has the upper hand currently, as expected.

I then intervened and said, “Max, what makes your homes better than KHOV?”

Max immediately, pulled out a sheet and said, “Here’s 27 ways!”

He was pretty accurate for the most part on what they offered compared to KHOV, but the one that Landon always talks about is their use of 2×6’s instead of 2×4’s. (compared in the picture)

Seeing those two boards together like that made me a believer!!! It really makes sense from not only a structural standpoint, but also the extra 2+ inches of exterior insulation.

And also, if a board is thicker and wider, it makes sense that air could not penetrate those boards as easy as 2×4’s.

So that made me think to myself, “Is using 2×6’s instead of 2×4’s that important?

I have a couple of calls out to some custom guys I know and will report back in when I find out.

But what do you think?

For more info on Landon Homes in Richwoods click here or call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.

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