4 Offers on 1 Day for 2 of my listings in Frisco


Turnbridge Manor in Frisco, Texas is on fire!!! Homes cannot sit longer than 30 days if priced right!!! And I am serious.

Turnbridge Manor is located north of 121 on Independence directly across from Richwoods Frisco. The community has its own elementary school on site called Isbell. A stocked pond with fountain, a community pool and a community park and city park!

And they also have Hike and Bike trails that connect into Hunters Creek.

Whether its the amenities, or maximum $300’s for a 3000+ home in an incredible location. Oh Nevermind, that’s exactly it!

I had a home around a month ago on Blakehill Drive that was listed for 13 days, had 24 showings and 2 offers. They are closing in a couple days.

But today, I have two listings now in Turnbridge. One on Snowshill and the other on Alstone.

I woke up to 4 offers! 3 on the one that has been on 7 days and the other that has been on only 5 days.

In total, there has been 18 showings total and actually had 2 today.

What’s my point? If you live in Turnbridge and have thought about selling, now is your time to get the highest price, possibly ever!!!

If you would like a free CMA, give me a call directly at (469) 733-2723.

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