Stonebrook Parkway completion in Frisco ideal for Phillips Creek Ranch


Stonebrook Parkway connecting to the Dallas North Tollroad has been an anticipated connection for close to 8 years now in Frisco. But it sure looks like the timing of this connection couldn’t be better for Phillips Creek Ranch.

Stonebrook Parkway from Fighting Eagles to Longhorn Trail plans to construct a new four-lane divided concrete roadway including a bridge under the BNSF Railroad. The project includes paving, drainage, water, wastewater, sidewalk, lighting, landscaping and irrigation to be complete.

Phillips Creek Ranch will have two main connectors to travel back East towards the Tollroad. These roads are Lebannon and Stonebrook.

As it laid out now, Lebannon is the only direct route to the Tollroad and continuing to Preston and the Stonebriar Mall area. Once Stonebrook is complete, it’s almost a straight shot to both areas.

Currently, the US Corps of Army engineers have received plans for final signatures and there has been an agreement to add the railroad bridge for the underpass which is being prepared by BNSF and is expected to be ready for City execution in May.

The construction should begin in late September of 2012 or early October 2012. This is ideal timing for the opening of Phillips Creek Ranch residents and their commute East.

For more info on Phillips Creek Ranch in Frisco click here or call Brad Holden directly at (469)733-2723.

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