Lawler Park to include Circle park feature


In most new home neighborhoods the developer leaves open space which helps create a more natural feeling for the entire community.

In Lawler Park, one of those spaces will be utilized as a large circular gathering area with the centerpiece a beautiful fountain.

Normally, the open spaces are rarely used and allow dogs to to use them as their potty.


But here, there will give neighbors to gather and meet new people in a beautiful setting. It will also give a feel of uniqueness with plans to be large rocks that is often not a norm in the DFW area.

The feature will be located near the middle of the Crossing section with a beautiful backdrop of large mature trees. It will also have a location that will be seen daily whether you enter in the main entrance on Rolater or the East entrance off of Independence.

Lawler Park residents will definitely have unique neighborhood features like the park and the large Arbor in The Arbors. And in addition having luxury builders like Highland Homes and Darling Homes, might just make Lawler Park the best neighborhood in Frisco.


For more info on Lawler Park in Frisco click here or call Brad Holden directly at (469) 733-2723.

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